This competence be Google’s subsequent Pixel XL

We’re expected still a integrate months divided from an central phenomenon of Google’s subsequent Pixel phones, yet Android Police only published what could be a initial design of a larger-sized device. Android Police has a really strong, accurate lane record with early Nexus and Pixel leaks, yet a news still hedges that there’s a possibility this competence not be a finalized pattern of a Pixel XL 2017. Or, uh, Pixel 2 XL, or whatever this ends adult being called. If it is in fact final (or close), it shows transparent signs of Google creation strides to locate adult with Samsung and LG in a arrangement department.

The phone’s front has distant smaller bezels around a OLED shade than final year’s Pixel. It’s now taller (6 inches) and slimmer too, with a same 2:1 aspect ratio as a LG G6. It looks not distinct Samsung’s Galaxy S8, yet this arrangement appears prosaic with winding potion during a edges. LG is believed to be producing both a arrangement and a whole phone, imprinting a changeover from a HTC-made Pixels of 2016. The sides of a subsequent Pixel XL can reportedly be squeezed to activate program features, identical to HTC’s latest flagship phones. (And nonetheless HTC isn’t creation this thing? Weird.)

But a altogether cultured doesn’t wandering too distant from a strange Pixel, that creates clarity given it’s Google doing a conceptualizing here. It only seems some-more polished all around. The potion window is still on a back, yet smaller this time. (The fingerprint sensor is now partial of a aluminum body.) The other conspicuous thing about a behind is a camera, that is incomparable than what’s on a stream Pixels. There’s only one lens, that suggests Google competence be skipping a dual-lens trend — even in a phone done by LG. My Pixel XL’s camera is a primary reason I’ve hold onto it even after a Galaxy S8’s release, so I’m only anticipating Google doesn’t somehow make a misstep for a sequel.

A singular design leaves copiousness of questions. Is it waterproof? Does it have wireless charging? What are a specs and tone options? If Google follows final year’s timeline, we can design to see a subsequent era of phones entrance in early Oct — hopefully with improved accessibility than a disaster we saw final year. And improved Bluetooth.

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