Thor: Ragnarok Trailer? Nah — Planet Hulk Writer Greg Pak Put Thor and Led Zeppelin Together Years Ago!

In a box of a author who’s really in balance with a characters of a Marvel Universe, Planet Hulk author Greg Pak has strike amicable media to re-share a some-more than five-year-old twitter in that he accurately likely a cocktail strain that played in a credentials of today’s Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer.

It competence be only an comical coincidence, of course, solely for a fact that Pak managed to spike Thor’s “karaoke song” in a trailer formed on a comic that Pak himself wrote, and is now bettering into a poetry novel in time for a movie’s release.

There’s also a fact that this isn’t a initial vital plan that Pak has willed into being on his Twitter page: in 2013, a author crowdfunded a comic book miniseries formed on a songs of his college friend (and internet strain sensation) Jonathan Coulton.

The comic, patrician Code Monkey Save World, follows Code Monkey, a put-upon coding gorilla from the eponymous Coulton song, as he teams adult with a seething, lovelorn super-villain from Coulton’s song “Skullcrusher Mountain.” The doubtful twin quarrel robots, bureau workman zombies, and maybe even any other as they onslaught to stir a extraordinary women for whom they fruitlessly long. Other characters embody office-worker-turned-action-heroine Matilde (the “you” to whom a strain “Code Monkey” is sung), Laura a Robo Queen (from a song “The Future Soon”), Zombie Bob (from “Re: Your Brains”) and a drastic curler (from “Curl”).

The plan was kicked off when Pak jokingly tweeted that “You could margin a flattering overwhelming supervillain group with characters from Jonathan Coulton songs,” to that Coulton tweeted behind “DO IT.”

And Pak was right:

Code MOnkey Save World tweet“There’s a strain called ‘The Future Soon,’ where a immature nerdy child who’s in adore with this lady Laura fantasizes about a destiny where he will win her adore by formulating drudge army and holding over a world,” Coulton said during a time. “As Greg forked out, that seems like it’s a prequel to ‘Skullcrusher Mountain.’ So that impression – a child in that strain – could potentially grow adult to be mean talent in ‘Skullcrusher Mountain.’ What would occur to Laura underneath those circumstances? What would their attribute be like? That ties in really beautifully with “Chiron Beta Prime,” that is all about these robots, this robo-slave cluster where robots have deferential humans.”

“This thing has monkeys, robots and zombies. It strike a trifecta,” pronounced artist Tak Miyazawa. “How could we contend no?”

In another twitter today, Pak said that “Immigrant Song” has been his possess personal go-to during karaoke for about a year — we’re anticipating that he’ll review this essay and disdain to share video with us — adding another personal dimension to a “prediction.”

We’ll have to wait a while to see either Pak had somehow extrinsic “Immigrant Song” into a calm of his poetry novel, though given his lane record so far…it’s not such a crazy idea!

(He also employed newcomer metaphors, of course, during his run on Action Comics, nonetheless he’s frequency a initial to pull that parallel.)

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