Tim Boetsch blasts Johny Hendricks with conduct kick, uppercuts his approach to TKO victory

Tim Boetsch is good famous for his knockout power, and he valid that once again with a overwhelming second-round TKO opposite former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks in a co-main eventuality from Oklahoma City.

Boetsch has now warranted knockouts in his final 3 UFC wins, though holding down a former UFC champion is really a signature win in his career.

After blank weight on Saturday, Hendricks had to know a vigour was on for a tip nick opening 24-hours later, though Boetsch was a really diversion competition while exchanging strikes opposite a former welterweight champion.

Boetsch played a intelligent diversion devise by encircling divided from Hendricks’ absolute left palm while banishment behind with good opposite strikes as good as punishing shots to a body.

The courtesy to a physique paid off in a large approach in a second turn as Boetsch used that set adult to afterwards launch a right high flog that Hendricks did not see coming.

The flog ricocheted off Hendricks conduct and neck as a former champion wobbled behind towards a enclosure as Boetsch rushed forward, looking for a kill.

Boetsch non-stop adult a outrageous fusillade of punches, including a array of harmful uppercuts before Hendricks finally crumbled to a pad as a arbitrate finally saw adequate and stopped a fight.

Boetsch gets a really considerable win on his resume and most like this matchup, it sounds like he’s prepared for whoever a UFC throws during him next.

“I’m a form of man who will take whoever they send my way,” Boetsch pronounced after a win. “I feel like I’m removing improved each quarrel so let’s keep it going as prolonged as we can.”

As for Hendricks, after unwell to make weight for a third time in a UFC, it’s unfit to know what a destiny binds for him. Hendricks had contemplated retirement after pang by a array of heartless weight cuts to get down to 170-pounds, though there’s no revelation what he’ll confirm to do after this latest setback, that came a day after losing to a scale.

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