Tomi Lahren dangling during The Blaze: report

On Friday, a announcement also reported that Lahren might be out during The Blaze, “in Sep if not sooner” due to what it reported as rising tensions between a 24-year-old domestic commentator and other Blaze employees and hosts. 

Beck took to Twitter to doubt either Lahren, whom he hired in 2015, is intellectually honest.

Lahren has been criticized in some regressive circles after a Friday appearance on ABC’s “The View” for divulgence that she supports termination rights.

“You know what? I’m for singular government, so stay out of my guns, and we can stay out of my physique as well,” Lahren said.

On Monday, Lahren tweeted that she has “moderate, conservative, and libertarian views.”

“I’m human. we will never apologize, to anyone, for being an eccentric thinker,” she said.

Beck, a former Fox News host, shot behind during Lahren: “Wait, libertarian views? Help me out on Trumpcare, stimulus, and executive orders. Trump is anything though libertarian,” wrote Beck, while adding a hashtag #intellectualhonesty.

Lahren has 4.3 million supporters on her Facebook page and some-more than 665,000 supporters on Twitter.

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