Training Camp Notes: Flacco, Tannehill & Is Jay Cutler a Answer for Dolphins?

    Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

    The Tennessee Titans coaching staff knows Derrick Henry is special. DeMarco Murray is, too. The idea is anticipating a change to maximize both of their ability sets. 

    Last season, Murray deserved a most incomparable workload. The maestro using behind rewarded a group with 1,287 rushing yardswhich ranked third in a league. 

    Henry usually carried a round 110 times. In fact, 37 using backs perceived some-more opportunities. But descent coordinator Terry Robiskie realizes he has something special in a 247-pound tailback. As such, his purpose should enhance in his second season. 

    “We can’t nap on a fact that we’re articulate about a male who won a Heisman Trophy. He’s special,” Robiskie said, per’s Cameron Wolfe. “When we see a large male who can be that well-spoken and fluid, make those burst cuts, have a eyes to see a hole and a feet to get to it, that’s flattering good. He’s looked unusual so distant this summer.”

    Egos mostly get in a approach when gifted backs compete for carries. The Titans offense won’t revolve around a sold curtain this fall. 

    “There’s no ‘man’ here,” Robiskie said. “If there’s a guy, it’s Marcus Mariota. We wish to have 8 guys who when we get them a ball, they’re going to score.”

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