Trump golf round twitter should acquire unanimous reprove from congressional women

Every lady in Congress should exclude to work with President Donald Trump until he apologizes for retweeting a gif that shows him conflict Hillary Clinton in a behind with a golf ball.

Enough. Beyond enough.

Violence opposite women is a tellurian epidemic. It’s never funny.

Violence opposite a two-term United States senator, rarely regarded secretary of state, former initial lady, mom of one and grandmother of two, common by a boss of a United States for giggles, is disgusting.

Senate; 84 in a House. Every one of them — regardless of celebration — should pointer a matter condemning Trump’s nauseating twitter and pledging to solidify him out until he acknowledges a toxicity: Kirsten Gillibrand, Susan Collins, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Duckworth, Kay Granger, all of them

It could go something like this:

We, a women representing all Americans, unanimously reject President Donald Trump’s reprehensible twitter display Hillary Clinton’s correspondence being strike with a golf ball.

Many of us served alongside Clinton in a Senate. We are unapproachable of her use as Secretary of State. She is an American citizen. We are duty-bound to paint and offer her. An conflict on her is an conflict on us.

Additionally, we exclude to lay in overpower while a boss of a United States creates light of assault opposite women. The World Health Organization estimates 1 in 3 women worldwide practice earthy and/or passionate assault in her lifetime. Domestic assault costs a United States an estimated $8.3 billion in expenses annually.

We will work with a boss to diminution those numbers, though we will positively not validate his malicious musings opposite a associate lady and associate American. We will not, in fact, work with him during all until he apologizes for retweeting such rubbish and disavows himself from a people who combined it.

He knows where to find us.


The women portion in a United States Congress

If they wish to magnitude open support for such a move, they can put a matter on and ask for signatures. More than 3 million people showed adult opposite America for January’s women’s marches. we consider they’d get a few signatures, starting with mine.

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