Trump group doubles down on media criticism

“Chuck, if we’re going to keep referring to a press secretary in those forms of terms, we consider we’re going to have to rethink a attribute here,” Conway said.

In another talk on NBC’s “Sunday Today,” Conway pronounced a coverage of a boss has had a disastrous outcome on a country’s democracy.

“He has only engrossed an rare — qualitatively and quantitatively — rare torrent of disastrous critique and coverage that’s honestly astray and a small bit dangerous to a democracy,” Conway said.

“You know, a doubt for everybody who covers him and who thinks about him is: What is a line between courteous critique and doubt and, we know, prosaic out rejection and delegitimization of what only happened?”

White House arch of staff Reince Priebus delivered a identical message.

Priebus bloody a media, removing into a exhilarated review on “Fox News Sunday,” where he indicted members of press of perplexing to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

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