Trump TV’s ‘real news’ sounds some-more like genuine propaganda

Kayleigh McEnany, who has been plying her trade as a pro-Trump pundit on CNN for a while, jumped boat to a Trump Team over a weekend. And Sunday, she debuted a Trump TV shred that she labeled a “real news.”

It is genuine spin, during best. And it feels a lot like genuine promotion — or state TV.

In her initial 90-second segment, McEnany creates a series of controversial claims, many particularly about a credit President Trump deserves for continued clever mercantile growth. Below, I’ve transcribed a whole segment, with some existence checks interjected.

Hey, everybody. I’m Kayleigh McEnany. Thank we for fasten us as we yield a news of a week from Trump Tower here in New York. More good mercantile news on Friday: The Jul jobs news combined a better-than-expected 209,000 new jobs. Overall, given a boss took office, President Trump has combined some-more than 1 million new jobs, a stagnation rate is during a 16-year low, and consumer certainty is during a 16-year high — all while a Dow Jones continues to mangle records. President Trump has clearly directed a economy behind in a right direction.

First off, it is loyal that a Jul jobs news was “better than expected.” It is also loyal that a stagnation rate is a lowest it’s been given 2001. And these are legitimately good stories for Trump to tell.

But like Trump, McEnany takes it too far. Saying that Trump “has combined some-more than 1 million jobs” and that Trump “has clearly directed a economy behind in a right direction” is holding some genuine liberties. And that’s for one large reason: The jobs design has largely continued a trends from late in President Barack Obama’s administration. In his initial 6 months, a economy underneath Trump has indeed combined some-more than 1 million new jobs — 1.07 million, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics. But in a final 6 months underneath Obama, a economy combined somewhat some-more jobs than that — 1.08 million. And if anything, a normal jobs expansion underneath Trump is indeed somewhat slower than it was in Obama’s final years:

  • Trump’s initial 6 months: 179,000 jobs per month
  • Obama’s final year (2016): 187,000
  • Obama’s full second term: 209,000

As Philip Bump remarkable after final month’s jobs report, what we’ve seen looks some-more like a delay of a clever trend that Trump hereditary from Obama, rather than Trump steering “the economy behind in a right direction.” Things were already headed in a right direction, in fact, so Trump didn’t need to drive anything. He indispensable to keep it on course.

Beyond that, there’s a doubt of how most credit a new boss deserves for jobs combined in his initial months in office. Trump hasn’t sealed any vital mercantile legislation. You can make a convincing evidence that his tongue has combined a environment for continued clever growth, though observant he “created some-more than 1 million jobs” is only too much. The economy he oversees combined those jobs. He might merit some credit, though he didn’t emanate them all.

Lastly, McEnany’s explain that consumer certainty is during a 16-year high doesn’t check out. The University of Michigan has been tracking consumer view given 1952, and it’s indeed now during a nine-month low. It did strech a 13-year high (not 16-year) underneath Trump this year, though as we can see below, it had already approached that high underneath Obama, and it’s fundamentally been around a same turn for years, with a new arise and afterwards a downturn underneath Trump.


And it’s not only a University of Michigan. Gallup, that frequently measures mercantile confidence, also shows it dropping to levels identical to late in a Obama administration after peaking early underneath Trump.

Continuing on with McEnany …

On Wednesday, a boss introduced a Raise Act. For decades, a solid arise in immigration has vexed a salary of American workers. The Raise Act will boost wages, diminution misery and save a taxpayers billions. Americans merit a raise, and President Trump is finally putting a American workman first.

The thought that immigration depresses salary is, again, rarely debatable. The White House final week forked to a investigate by Harvard economist George J. Borjas that suggested that low-skill immigrants do indeed revoke a salary of American workers. As Bump noted in a low dive on this subject, others, including a regressive National Review, have poked holes in that research, observant that there are other factors that might be some-more to blame.

The indicate is that this “real news” is not an ironclad fact. And afterwards McEnany goes on to guarantee that a Raise Act will “increase wages, diminution misery and save taxpayers billions.” That’s earnest a lot.

Also on Wednesday, President Trump awarded a Medal of Honor to one of a Vietnam War heroes: Specialist 5 James McCloughan. McCloughan risked his life on 9 apart occasions, saving many of his bleeding peers. President Trump also respected veterans as a whole with nonetheless another V.A. remodel package that will capacitate millions of veterans to accept improved entrance to care. President Trump is dedicated to honoring these group and women who fought valiantly for a nation and ensuring that they accept a caring that they deserve.

Trump has indeed sealed a V.A. remodel check into law. It was two-and-a-half months ago, and it was a square of what Trump aims to do to assistance urge veterans’ care. So a “real news” here is fundamentally regulating a Medal of Honor rite — that all presidents regulate over — to play adult something that happened months ago.

Thank we for fasten us everybody. I’m Kayleigh McEnany, and that is a genuine news.

The tenure “fake news” became a punchline during a Trump administration. Trump TV now seems focussed on doing a same with “real news.”

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