Trump tweets video that seems to uncover him ‘fighting’ CNN

President Trump tweeted a video Sunday morning that seems to uncover him assault adult a CNN reporter.

The video was doctored to uncover a CNN trademark on a man’s conduct during a wrestling match. Then Trump attacks him. Both group are wearing suits and seem to be station only outward a wrestling ring. A throng can be listened shouting.


When a aggressive male turns to a camera, we see it’s Trump.

The Associated Press reported that a video seemed to be a doctored chronicle of an coming Trump finished on a World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. uncover called ‘‘Battle of a Billionaires’’ in 2007, in that Trump appears to conflict WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

Trump wrote in Sunday morning’s tweet: #FraudNewsCNN #FNN.

CNN released a matter that said, “It is a unhappy day when a President of a United States encourages assault opposite reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she pronounced a President had never finished so. Instead of scheming for his abroad trip, his initial assembly with Vladimir Putin, traffic with North Korea and operative on his health caring bill, he is instead concerned in youthful function distant next a grace of his office. We will keep doing out jobs. He should start doing his.”

And a network sent a chatter that referenced a acknowledgement by White House mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


Trump’s homeland confidence adviser, Thomas Bossert, shielded a chatter on ABC’s “This Week,” saying, “No one would understand that as a threat. we wish they don’t.”

Other reactions were not as supportive:

On Saturday evening, Trump sent tweets that shielded his use of amicable media and pounded CNN.

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