Twitter finds links to hundreds of Russian-backed bot accounts

Of a 450 accounts expelled by Facebook as partial of a investigation, Twitter was means to compare 22 of those to accounts on a possess site. All 22 were immediately suspended. What’s more, Twitter found another 179 accounts related to or compared with a strange 22 that had no ties to any of a 450 Facebook ones.

Twitter VP for Public Policy Colin Crowell reportedly met with members of both a Senate and House Select Committees on Intelligence to plead Russia’s impasse in a 2016 election. “One congressional questioner has pronounced that a Facebook accounts from a International Research Agency are expected only a ‘tip of a iceberg,'” a congressional aide, vocalization on anonymity, told a Washington Post.

And rather than lift a Facebook and have to ceaselessly backtrack (and eventually arrange of apologize for) opposite augmenting supervision pressure, Twitter went into these hearings by proactively pity a roundup of 3 Russia Today accounts that targeted a US marketplace with ads during a 2016 election. According to Twitter, a RT accounts spent $274,100 to foster 1,823 ads destined during supporters of vital media outlets and sought to foster RT’s possess coverage of trending news events.

Twitter also common information per choosing voting scams like a “text-to-vote” one targeted during intensity Clinton electorate (narrator: we can’t opinion around content message). While Twitter did not reportedly see any links to Russia, a association did notice that many of a scams seemed to be automated.

Moving brazen a association betrothed to continue a efforts to exterminate spam, bots and compromised accounts from a platform. “We’ll be rolling out several changes to a actions we take when we detect spammy or questionable activity,” a Twitter repute wrote in a release. “Including introducing new and sharpening enforcements for questionable logins, Tweets, and engagements, and cutting a volume of time questionable accounts sojourn manifest on Twitter while tentative confirmation.” Great, subsequent maybe they can tackle that paltry problem of all a nazis and trolls.

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