UFC 212: Aldo vs. Holloway post-fight formula and analysis

Hawaii has a UFC titleholder once again.

Max Holloway is a new, undisputed featherweight champion, carrying left into Brazil and dethroned Jose Aldo by 3rd turn TKO. Aldo got off to a superb start and had Holloway dumbfounded in a opening frame, yet Holloway solemnly found his operation and timing to land purify shots on Aldo. The multiple punching he used to dispatch Jose during a finish was gorgeous. He was alighting monster blows on a belligerent from full mount, and when a rear-naked throttle didn’t come, he usually kept punching a turtled adult Aldo until John McCarthy had seen enough.

This was a unequivocally good quarrel and a extensive opening from Holloway. Not usually does he have eleven true wins, yet he’s usually stopped Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo in back-to-back fights. That’s positively phenomenal. He has grown into an comprehensive descent powerhouse. we assume he’ll be fighting Frankie Edgar next, and if he beats him — hell, if he stops him — afterwards we trust we’re looking during Holloway apropos a widespread champion.

More thoughts on tonight’s card:

Main Card

  • As ecstatic as we am for Holloway, we am equally unhappy that this is radically a finish of a Jose Aldo era. He is a biggest featherweight of all-time and was grand to watch in a WEC and UFC enclosure for years, yet brief of Edgar violence Holloway to set adult a trilogy matchup, Aldo is not removing that belt back. we positively trust he’s some-more than good adequate to flog many of a tip guys during 145, yet a approach Holloway took him detached in tools of turn 2 and unequivocally all of turn 3 signified a flitting of a torch. It is hapless that his UFC career was injured by countless quarrel cancellations (of that not all were caused by his injuries), a miss of prominence tilt finishes WEC fans had grown accustomed to, and afterwards a 13-second detriment to Conor McGregor in his one high-profile mainstream fight. I’m dreading to cruise how fans who haven’t followed Aldo from a start will remember his career.
  • No, McGregor isn’t entrance behind to 145 to quarrel Holloway. Will Holloway go adult to 155 to quarrel McGregor? Ehhhhhh. I’d adore for Holloway to rematch McGregor during some indicate yet that’s substantially not going to occur any time soon. Besides, Max Holloway vs. Floyd Mayweather is a apparent quarrel to make.
  • Holloway was vagrant for a $50,000 reward in a post-fight interview. That male usually won a UFC featherweight title, for good out loud. Bonus vagrant during a top turn of a UFC is usually so sad.
  • Post-publish bullet, yet we think Aldo’s miss of leg kicks (again) might have a lot to do with him violation his feet in a Chan Sung Jung fight. Because while he did chuck 20-something leg kicks opposite Lamas, he hardly threw any in a Mendes rematch, a McGregor quarrel … yeah, and afterwards he didn’t chuck many of those opposite Edgar during UFC 200. Just something to consider.
  • UFC 212 wasn’t a unequivocally constrained label on paper, yet it positively delivered copiousness of entertainment. Only 3 fights went a distance, that led to this label finale during a small bit after 12:30 AM ET, that is ideal.
  • Wow. Claudia Gadelha usually scholastic Karolina Kowalkiewicz as shortly as she got a quarrel to a ground. we pronounced it in a quarrel picks on Friday, Gadelha is a Joseph Benavidez of women’s strawweight. She might not be means to flog a champion, yet she’ll damn good flog everybody else in a division. Great win for a Brazilian and a tough approach to remove for Kowalkiewicz.
  • Vitor Belfort indeed won by decision. This hasn’t happened in 10 years! What a universe we live in. He edged out Nate Marquardt 29-28 on all 3 scorecards, nonetheless Marquardt substantially is detrimental no decider gave him turn 2. we theory that unaccompanied Vitor flurry was adequate to acquire him that round, and so a victory. That’s how we scored it, too. Belfort says he has 5 some-more fights left in him, and uh … we wish they’re not all like a Marquardt bout.
  • Oluwale Bamgbose came out like a insane man, hellbent on emptying his whole gas tank in turn 1 opposite associate one-round warrior Paulo Henrique Costa. It turns out this didn’t work out as planned, and Borrachinha put him divided in turn 2 with ground-and-pound after he fell behind on a kick. This was a fun fight, mostly interjection to Bamgbose’s vast strategy. Borrachinha did good to stay ease and not get overwhelmed, and he’s 2-for-2 inside a Octagon.
  • Eduardo Herdy is famous for being an awful referee, and we trust that Erick Silva was a plant of a beforehand blocking opposite Yancy Medeiros. He was floored by a Medeiros left hook, yet it looked like he was cleverly fortifying himself and perplexing to urge his position on a ground, afterwards Herdy stepped in to finish it. I’ll take an early blocking over what Mario Yamasaki did in a Johnny Eduardo-Matt Lopez fight, yet it wasn’t a good call to me. Either way, Silva has now been knocked down 4 times in his final 3 fights.

Preliminary Card

  • I’m not going to fake Marlon Moraes clearly flog Raphael Assuncao (even yet we had him winning), yet that 30-27 Assuncao scorecard is garbage. It felt like another instance of judges usually totally ignoring physique work, of that Moraes delivered copiousness of kicks and punches to a body. Assuncao admittedly landed a dual biggest strikes of a fight, with right hands rocking Moraes in rounds 1 and 3, yet we don’t see how Assuncao could’ve taken a third. All 3 judges gave him turn 3 and we find that to be preposterous. Anyway, Assuncao has a knack for winning tighten decisions, and Moraes ends adult losing his UFC debut. This quarrel wasn’t that good yet it substantially should’ve been 5 rounds, yet that’s usually me on my “quality fights should be 5 rounds” soapbox.
  • Antonio Carlos Junior and Eric Spicely had an intriguing grappling battle, including an extended duration of 50-50 ensure in a initial round. Carlos Junior did eventually infer to be too most for Spicely in turn 2, as he had a superb behind take, with physique triangle in place, and a illusory rear-naked choke. Shoeface has 3 true wins and he certainly has warranted himself a ranked opponent.
  • Matthew Lopez demolished Johnny Eduardo. we meant he positively demolished him on a ground. “Late” doesn’t even start to news Mario Yamasaki’s stoppage. we assume he was watchful for Eduardo’s conduct to literally detach before job it off. Anyway, Lopez looked great, and we overtly don’t see any reason for Eduardo to be ranked anymore.
  • Brian Kelleher had a late call-up to quarrel Iuri Alcantara, and dumbfounded a Brazilian fans with an positively fatal guillotine finish opposite a male who hadn’t been submitted in 8 years. Then Kelleher taunted a Brazilian fans in a post-fight interview, throwing a “Uh vai morrer!” intone behind in their faces, and he enjoyed shower adult all a hatred from them. He also called for a top-10 competition and also a mark on a Long Island label in July, that would meant a home quarrel for him. Consider me utterly entertained by a New Yorker.
  • Women’s strawweight Viviane Pereira softened to 2-0 in a UFC with a gentle unanimous preference win over a Jamie Moyle, who was simply outstruck. The quarrel was not good to watch and there’s unequivocally not most else to news out of this one.
  • Luan Chagas incited in a peculiarity opening opposite Jim Wallhead (who for some reason didn’t have a UFC trademark on his gloves) . His distinguished was excellent, he pressed a takedowns, took his time, didn’t uncover any signs of loss cardio, and finished a tough-as-nails Wallhead with a left offshoot and afterwards a rear-naked choke. Chagas is one of those guys who is really gifted yet raw, so tonight’s vastly softened display is a step in a right direction.
  • Deiveson Alcantara looked unequivocally good opposite Marco Beltran, interlude Beltran with an uppercut and hammerfists during a finish of turn 2. Osiris Maia called a quarrel off before turn 3 could begin, and we have no emanate with a blocking given how badly harm Beltran was. It’s been a severe week for Beltran, whose mom upheld divided usually a few days ago from cancer.

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