UFC Auckland: Lewis vs Hunt – Winners and Losers

The UFC’s general enlargement skeleton have led to many success overall, blazing into opposite markets and capitalizing on a recognition of internal talent. While some general cards have left from good to muted — to usually plain atrocious, in some cases — they continue to do what they were dictated to do: apart a wheat from a deride and settle some sequence in any division.

This label had a combined advantage of giving some lesser-known fighters some gleam in front of their home crowd. This was of good advantage to a altogether mood, given a eventuality didn’t have many transformation during initial though afterwards had some glorious finishes and poetic performances as a label went on. The biggest reward was a categorical eventuality finale on a good note for a internal audience, as a fable of a competition notched a unequivocally critical win. So let’s start with him.

  • Winners

Mark Hunt – The Super Samoan was in something of a do or die scenario, and finished adult on top. At 43 years of age, a record tighten to .500 and a lawsuit opposite a UFC, he took on one of a many fearsome army of a heavyweight division. Hunt ate some shots, though managed to quarrel intelligent adequate and keep his invulnerability active. He was means to equivocate some vital repairs by subsidy out usually somewhat from some of a punches and possibly removing grazed or carrying Lewis skip completely. Hunt’s lead palm traps, parries and defensive transformation off a mangle were on indicate as a quarrel went on, nailing Lewis with shots in brief bursts, eventually wearing him down. After Lewis was hobbling and clearly not in any condition to continue, a quarrel was sagely called off. We weren’t going to get anything some-more out of that quarrel than what we saw, and it wasn’t pretty. This was a good win by a #7 heavyweight violence a #6 fighter, though it didn’t let possibly warrior demeanour to a best of their ability. Now Hunt will face a aloft ranked warrior that competence harm him, if he continues to quarrel during all. Even with a win, there’s not many ceiling mobility when we demeanour during a fighters ranked forward of him. In a meantime, a intensity contender ends adult with a vital setback. The KFC King lives to quarrel another day, that’s unequivocally a biggest takeaway from all of this.

Derek Brunson – Brunson unequivocally indispensable this win. Not as many as Hunt did his, though after dual uninterrupted losses, a guy’s got to make a statement. Brunson went out and did accurately that, demolishing a resurgent Kelly in a unequivocally initial spin and removing behind in a win mainstay after being brutalized by Robert Whittaker (a.k.a. Bobby Knuckles) and a argumentative preference detriment to Anderson Silva. Despite those losses, Brunson came into this quarrel during #8, and middleweight is still misty with a new will-they-or-won’t-they shenanigans with GSP maybe fighting Bisping by a time we send a manned goal to Saturn and an halt pretension looming. Maybe a quarrel opposite Jacare, Weidman or Mousasi would be in order, though during slightest he’s gotten a good opening out there to uncover any suspicion of him shifting off is untrue.

Daniel Hooker – While he continues to swap wins and waste in a UFC, he’s finished all of a opponents he’s beaten, and utterly violently. A ideally timed knee put decrepit maestro Ross Pearson to sleep, and Hooker creates a vital matter in his division. Not adequate to get ranked yet, though another opening like this can simply net him a tip 15 opponent, maybe tip 10. With his experience, Hooker continues to urge and competence be means to find a stroke here.

Ben Nguyen – This had to be a biggest dissapoint of a night. It wasn’t even that he won, it’s how Nguyen finished tackling Elliot’s wrestling demeanour easy. From there to outworking him on a scrambles to take a behind and finish a male that’s been unstoppable given his run on The Ultimate Fighter? That’s magnificent. Ben now has a two-fight win strain with his final win being opposite Geane Herrera. Nguyen was ranked #12, and Elliott during #8. Expect a step adult usually as large for Nguyen as he positively gets changed adult to a tip ten.

Ion Cutelaba – we was a bit disturbed when Cutelaba did all that posturing during a weigh-ins. da Silva no-sold his antics and didn’t seem fazed when a quarrel started, either. Well, that’s a thing that happened. Cutelaba is behind during .500 in a UFC with a 2-2 UFC record so far. He’s usually 23, and in a multiplication that needs someone to mangle a mold, he’s going to have to continue elaborating and improving.

JJ Aldrich – Had she stayed in Invicta, she’d substantially be fighting for a pretension unequivocally soon. Instead Aldrich got a call adult to a UFC and now evens out during 1-1 underneath that banner. She took on a diversion opponent, another unequivocally diversion and unequivocally immature warrior that was prepared for war. Aldrich fought smart, used her timing and kept alighting that left palm while regulating higher footwork and ability to take as many as she could give. Let’s see how a UFC decides to hoop her from here on out.

John Moraga – It’s not unequivocally his fault, though Moraga unequivocally doesn’t get a courtesy he deserves. Here’s a man a lot of people suspicion was going to be provender for Ulysses Gomez in his UFC debut. Moraga knocked out Gomez and afterwards choked out Chris Cariaso to get during pretension shot opposite Mighty Mouse himself, Demetrious Johnson. Moraga gets submitted by armbar in a fifth and final spin after being a step behind for many of a quarrel though holding his own. The fact that a initial dual fights were on Facebook was flattering bad for him, though a detriment to Johnson and successive detriment to John Dodson also dulled a lot of his shine. Then he had dual uninterrupted wins followed by 3 true losses. This win snaps that streak, and Moraga looked great. He kept control, outworked Mokhtarian during each turn. Winning this large on giveaway TV could be a flattering large bonus for him right now.

Vinc Pinchel – After losing in his UFC entrance opposite Rustam Khabilov, Pinchel notched wins opposite Garrett Whitely and Anthony Njokuani. Then he was out for usually over 3 years and nails a heartless KO win in his return. Great approach to come behind after all that time away.

Zak Ottow gets a unequivocally good win opposite a unequivocally durable Kiichi Kunimoto. The win elevates him to 2-1 in a UFC. Luke Jumeau was still a bit severe around a edges in his win, though he nailed Dominique Steele with some good shots and delivered on a gutsy, hard-fought win. Not certain if a devise is to have Alex Volkanovski quarrel and kick Japanese fighters for as prolonged as he can, though he managed to get a convincing win to get behind to behind wins in his second UFC outing.

  • Losers

Derrick Lewis – Can’t assistance though feel bad for a guy. After creation this many swell and racking adult an considerable win strain in such an indeterminate division, he mislaid to an comparison warrior that looked brisk and fought smart. A 6 quarrel win strain comprised mostly of aroused finishes goes adult in smoke, and so does a intensity for a quarrel opposite a tip 5 fighter. Perhaps a UFC was banking on Lewis expelling Hunt to equivocate a beforehand hitch between Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou. Either way, Lewis can rebound behind from this. Heavyweight is a many hilariously pointless multiplication overall, so another win or dual and he’s substantially expected to be in an even improved mark than he was entrance into this quarrel – substantially fighting a tip 5 guy. That’s not to contend that this detriment undoes a large apportionment of what he built recently, though it’s salvageable. It’s usually going to be unequivocally difficult. Of course, all of that depends on possibly or not he’s really late after this fight. If this unequivocally is a end, he’s given us some-more than a few noted moments.

Dan Kelly – It’s tough to watch a man go out like that. Not usually given he’s an comparison warrior that’s taken critical repairs in a past, though given he’s usually an agreeable warrior that had some fun performances. His distinguished is clunky, his transformation is stilted, though his Judo was always undoubtedly beautiful. He blending it good for MMA, improved than what anyone’s given him credit for. So when we see a man that finally has things click together get obliterated like that, well. Yeah. That’s sad. He’s still 13-2, and he’s also 38 years old. On a other hand, he’s a tough 38 due to all of a injuries and wear and rip his body’s withstood. Maybe this won’t be his final fight, though if we were wondering how distant he could go, I’m contemptible to contend this competence be a answer.

Ross Pearson – After 3 true preference losses, Pearson suffers what was maybe a many aroused knockout of a night. If he doesn’t call it quits, a UFC competence make that preference for him. At slightest when it comes to his days underneath them. He’s 19-14 and has been fighting given 2004, with a important list of wins on his record. It competence be for a best that he possibly retire or take an extended mangle to reevaluate all of this for his possess good.

Tim Elliott – Elliott blazed by The Ultimate Fighter opposite some of a best flyweights not in a UFC, usually to remove to a fable in Demetrious Johnson. That itself is not a bad loss. It is what it is when we quarrel one of a biggest of all time. He went on to improved Louis Smolka by preference and now got submitted by a unequivocally dangerous Ben Nguyen. Perhaps Elliott and UFC government can boot this as a portion or a pointless event, and it doesn’t set him behind too far. It’s still bad adequate to harm his batch for now. Another considerable win, and any repairs this detriment could have finished is flattering many gone.

Luis Henrique da Silva – da Silva started off during 2-0 underneath a UFC banner, and is now on a three-fight losing skid. If your third detriment looks like that, you’re substantially removing cut. Even if you’re a 27-year-old talent in a multiplication that needs new up-and-comers.

Kiichi Kunimoto – Kunimoto is a savvy and crafty warrior that can’t seem to find a approach to consistently win rounds. He started off his UFC run during 3-0, afterwards got choked out by Neil Magny. After roughly dual and a half years, he came behind and seemed like he was means to make some advance after being tranquil on a belligerent for durations of time, though didn’t have a counterstriking in sequence to do repairs station like he seemed to have wanted to. So while he’s now during 3-2 and had a prolonged layoff, he roughly finished it to a “neither“ category, though he’s removing adult there during age 36 and doesn’t seem to be improving.

Dominique Steele put onward a ruin of an effort, though he’s removing cut after this. He mislaid his UFC entrance to Zak Cummings and bounced behind with a large KO win over Dong Hyun Kim (not Stun Gun, a other guy). He now has 3 preference waste in a row. Damien Brown competence be 2-2 in a organization, though that KO was flattering brutal. He’s going to need to uncover some new wrinkles subsequent time as well.

  • Neither

Ashkan Mokhtarian – This was a tough one. One a one hand, we tend to be some-more kindly with fighters losing in their debut, given it’s not always a best illustration of how some fighters indeed perform. Mokhtarian hardly creates it here, given he got positively dominated for so many of that fight. His batch takes a flattering large hit, though he can redeem himself. So with that in mind, we’ll put him here. Just wish he realizes how low a necessity he’s dug into, given a vigour to perform is going to be large subsequent time out.

Chan Mi Jeon – At age 19 and entrance into a quarrel with a 5-0 record, a detriment does zero here. Why is that a box for her and not Mokhtarian above? Because she was in a quarrel from commencement to finish and got a improved of her competition in some of a exchanges. It’s transparent Aldrich won, though Jeon showed a lot of persistence and skill. She’s still able of picking adult a pieces and relocating on.

Mizuto Hirota – Hirota is 1-1 with a pull in his UFC run right now, and he’s in a special kind of limbo. Featherweight’s a tough multiplication to be rival in, and Hirota’s conduct is technically above H2O here. He didn’t demeanour terrible, though he seemed calm to box and try to get off his behind for many of a fight.

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