UFC Auckland video recap: Mark Hunt competence have late Derrick Lewis

Mark Hunt and Derrick Lewis went scarcely a full 4 rounds before their UFC Auckland categorical eventuality came to an end. But when it was all over, Hunt came out a hero and competence have brought an finish to a immature heavyweight’s rise.

Lewis and Hunt totalled any other early on, both being clever meaningful a other had a appetite to move a quarrel to a discerning halt. While Hunt took control of a core of a Octagon and looked for combinations, Lewis threw a series of high kicks and switch kicks to keep his competition during bay.

As a rounds went on, both of these heavyweight fighters began to feel a continuation blur away. Hunt, however, confirmed a core of a locus and corroborated his competition opposite a enclosure with combos and appetite shots. At times, Lewis threw opposite punches with vigilant to do large harm, yet many missed extravagantly and usually took some-more appetite away.

Hunt smelled blood in a late moments in a fight. He stormed his competition with several strikes opposite a cage, and all Lewis could do was cover adult to equivocate some-more damage. With Hunt dropping explosve after bomb, a arbitrate brought a stop to a quarrel during 3:51 of a fourth round.

What was a prominence of a fight?

It came a lot after than everybody expected, yet a finish in Round 4 was a prominence of this contest.

Lewis had his hands on his hips for most of a late moments of a fight. Hunt, a 43-year-old maestro with dual decades of experience, was correct on his foe’s weaknesses and jumped during a opportunity. It wasn’t a walk-off knockout like Hunt has finished with roughly regularity, yet it was a blocking nonetheless.

Hunt threw mad elbows on his approach to a finish. Lewis attempted to spin divided from danger, yet found himself trapped opposite a enclosure and lonesome adult in a final try to equivocate damage. With uninterrupted unanswered strikes, Hunt got a blocking and a win.

Where do these dual go from here?

Hunt continues to warn many of us by entrance his midst 40s and still being a rival warrior in a UFC’s heavyweight division. It’s tough to remember a final time Hunt unhappy with an outing, so we can compare him with damn nearby anyone and you’ll get your money’s worth. Up next, though, competence be a high sequence in possibly Francis Ngannou or someone like Andrei Arlovski.

What’s subsequent for Derrick Lewis is an engaging question. After a loss, he interviewed with Brian Stann and pronounced that this was substantially his final quarrel since he doesn’t like putting his family by all this. Obviously, a moments after a detriment are emotional, and infrequently fighters call for retirement and after travel those comments back. With Lewis, we don’t know for sure. He’s usually 32 years aged and can still do good things during heavyweight, yet some things are some-more critical than fighting. Look to get some some-more clarity on his subsequent stairs in a entrance months, yet not before he gets married subsequent week.

Watch now, later, or never?

Do yourself a preference skip a whole quarrel label on your DVR to a categorical event. You can locate a integrate other fight’s finishes on YouTube, yet suffer a categorical eventuality for all it’s flailing bungalow punches.

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