‘Unprecedented’ orca sport frenzy prisoner on film

A pod of torpedo whales off a seashore of Monterey, California, has intrigued biologists by going on a demoniac sport debauch that’s killed 4 gray whales in only 7 days.

Nancy Black, a internal sea biologist and co-owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch, held a latest conflict on camera (which we can watch here, about 30 seconds in).

She called this week’s events “unprecedented,” and told a Guardian that she hasn’t seen this form of function from orcas in her 30-year career. The pod of torpedo whales, that she calls Emma’s group, is rarely learned and managed to apart a gray whale calf from a mom in only 20 minutes, a scheme that Black estimates typically averages one to dual hours, reports a San Jose Mercury News.

“It’s kind of sparkling to see this organisation and how they’ve gotten unequivocally good during hunting,” she says. Black has several theories on because a hunt has been so aggressive, including a after open emigration of gray whales to a area, due to roving serve south in Mexico than common this winter.

“It’s still a mystery,” Black says of how a orcas know when and where to hunt gray whales, “but they are really intelligent.” She also posited that a torpedo whales might be binge-feeding (a whale dish can feed an orca pod for dual days) and that a orcas could be training their immature to hunt, with a youngest hunter in Emma’s group, called Little B, only underneath 6 months old.

Along with gray and humpback whales, orcas also chase on vast sea life like good white sharks, seals, and sea lions. (Humpbacks appear to save other sea creatures from orcas.)

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