Update: Missing 4-year-old has been found and is safe

The Jupiter Police Department announced Friday afternoon that 4-year-old Dominic Caprio, a theme of an Amber Alert released progressing in a day, “is protected and has been reunited with his mother.”

Nanny arrested though 4-year-old child stays blank in Florida

(Original article) JUPITER — Authorities have arrested a nanny who had been caring for a 4-year-old Florida child was turn missing.

Jupiter military tell news outlets that Dominic Caprio left Thursday afternoon and might be in danger.

Authorities tracked down his 57-year-old nanny Blanca Castro. She was requisitioned into jail in Miami early Friday and is being hold but bond. But Dominic was nowhere to be found.

The child’s mom says she left Dominic with a nanny during their home north of West Palm Beach. When she returned home an hour later, a child and nanny were gone.

Law coercion officials released an Amber Alert early Friday that says a child might be with 60-year-old Elizabeth Caprio and 64-year-old Luis Caprio. They didn’t explain a relationship.

No counsel is listed on Castro’s jail records.

Anyone with information about a child is urged to call a Jupiter Police Department during 561-799-4447 or 911.


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