USC simply didn’t merit a feat during Washington State

The open residence announcer’s warnings to stay off a margin during Martin Stadium were totally and happily ignored. Fans jumped over fences to tide down from a stands, cheering, chanting and smiling as they collected during midfield Friday night in a outrageous pulsing throng of flush to applaud a Cougars’ 30-27 dissapoint of USC and a home team’s entrance of age as a hulk killer.

“There’s a lot of people,” Washington State manager Mike Leach marveled during an on-field TV interview. “It’s like Woodstock, solely everybody has their garments on.”

While fans savored a joys of peace, adore and a Cougars’ initial dissapoint of a top-five group given a 2003 Holiday Bowl, USC comparison reserve Chris Hawkins cried inside a Trojans’ locker room.

“It hurt,” he said. “We haven’t felt this approach in a while.”

Oregon’s Marcus Mariota for second in Pac-12 Conference history.

“There was a lot of times when we would change something and he would change something behind and afterwards we would change something and he would change something back,” USC linebacker Cameron Smith said. “Smart kid. Credit that guy.”

Save some credit for Menifee, Calif., local Jamal Morrow, who gained 91 yards rushing with one touchdown and held 5 passes for 47 yards and a touchdown. Little of what Morrow or a Cougars did came as a warn to a Trojans (4-1, 2-1 Pac-12 South) yet meaningful what to design and streamer it off were opposite concepts.

“They played hard,” Darnold said. “We knew what they were going to do and it’s usually a matter of executing during that indicate and they out-executed us, and we consider that was a story of a game.”

Another essential partial of a tract was that Darnold never seemed to get into a gentle stroke Friday and finished usually 15 of 29 passes for 164 yards with one interception. Still, he had one some-more possibility to move a Trojans behind from a precipice, with 100 seconds left. He suspicion he’d do it.

“Whenever we have a event to go down there and maybe flog a margin idea or get down there and measure and put a diversion away, we always consider like that, as a competitor,” he said.

But after being pressured and throwing an deficient pass he was sacked and mislaid a ball. USC’s final quip hopes went with it.

“I suspicion Sam done some unequivocally good plays and there wasn’t good plays,” pronounced Tyson Helton, a Trojans’ quarterbacks coach. “That’s personification quarterback, though. You’re going to have some good plays and you’re not going to have good plays.”

Darnold concurred his possess faults. “I consider we didn’t play my best, for sure,” he said. “There’s a lot to learn from. We’re going to demeanour during a film and learn from there.”

They schooled that nonetheless their descent line was smashed and painful no one will give them any magnetism or any breaks. They also schooled that third-down potency can make a large difference.

Coach Clay Helton had likely that a diversion competence hinge on that, “and removing off a field, and being means to keep a offense on a field,” and he was correct. “They did a good pursuit going 8 for 18 and we were dual for 11,” he said. “It ends adult costing us a lot of plays defensively.”

As fans danced out into a cool, damp night, USC’s players exited their locker room with gloomy expressions. “That’s a good group we usually played,” Hawkins said, “but we don’t consider we unequivocally played to a potential.”

That relates to their deteriorate so far, not usually their detriment on Friday.

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