Video of Police Killing of Philando Castile Is Publicly Released

Before they meet

The video opens during eve on Jul 6, 2016, on a bustling travel nearby a Minnesota state fairgrounds. Officer Yanez is following a white Oldsmobile driven by Mr. Castile in Falcon Heights, a St. Paul suburb. When Officer Yanez turns on his flashing lights, Mr. Castile, a longtime propagandize cafeteria worker, fast pulls to a side and stops his car. Ms. Reynolds is in a front newcomer seat, and her immature daughter is in a back.


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Though it is not listened on a video, Officer Yanez radioed to a co-worker that he suspicion Mr. Castile matched a outline of a spoliation think from a few days earlier. He tells a associate officer that Mr. Castile’s “wide-set nose” looked like a robber’s. Officer Yanez waits for a second officer to arrive before pulling Mr. Castile over, yet he never mentions his spoliation suspicions to Mr. Castile.

What a video shows

Most revealing, perhaps, about a newly expelled video are a voices that can be clearly listened on it — a calm, respectful contention during first, and then, in seconds, a remarkable detonate of tragedy and shots.

At first, Officer Yanez walks adult to Mr. Castile’s window and tells him that his stop light is broken. The officer asks for explanation of word and a driver’s license. Mr. Castile responds kindly and hands his word label by a window.

Mr. Castile, who had a assent to lift a gun, afterwards says, “Sir, we have to tell we we do have a firearm on me.”

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Officer Yanez afterwards reaches toward his holster and says, “O.K., don’t strech for it, then.”

Mr. Castile starts to answer, yet is cut off by Officer Yanez, whose voice is now raised. “Don’t lift it out!” a officer yells.

“I’m not pulling it out,” Mr. Castile says, and Ms. Reynolds also tries to assure Officer Yanez that her beloved is not grabbing a gun.

Officer Yanez again yells, “Don’t lift it out!” Then he fires 7 shots, fatally wounding Mr. Castile. “I wasn’t reaching,” Mr. Castile says gently only after a gunfire stops.

In a mins after a shooting, Officer Yanez keeps his gun forked into a automobile as he calls for backup and an ambulance. He grows romantic and regularly yells an expletive.

What a video doesn’t show

The video does not uncover images that competence have been essential for jurors to consider: a full perspective of a front chair of Mr. Castile’s car, that would have showed his hands — and what he was reaching for — only before a shooting.


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Officer Yanez has pronounced that Mr. Castile was reaching for his gun, and his lawyers done that a executive indicate in his defense. Officer Yanez, who was charged with 3 felonies, including second-degree manslaughter, told jurors he feared for his life. But Ms. Reynolds has pronounced that Mr. Castile was simply reaching for his driver’s license, as a officer had asked him to do.

From where a dashcam was perched, though, behind a car, a video can't solve this.

Reacting to new images

The footage fast widespread Tuesday afternoon after it was expelled by state investigators. The images drew anger, call responses on amicable media from rights activists and others.

Protesters have marched in a St. Paul area given a exculpation on Friday, job a sharpened irrational and justification of injustice in a probity system.

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