Vin Diesel goes electric over Charlize Theron in ‘Fate of a Furious,’ though where’s a Rock?

Diesel was quite amped on Theron’s performance, revelation a assembly before a screening that his “whole career was heading adult to user with this impossibly shining talent.” Their scenes together in Cuba were so electric, he said, that “it altered weather,” apparently causing storms, lightning and thunder.

Theron’s impression is out to take some Russian nukes, yet she needs Dom’s assistance to get them. In sequence to persuade him to spin on his aged organisation — and his new mother — Theron tells Dom that she’s got something on him. We won’t exhibit what — or who — army Dom to spin to a dim side, yet let’s usually contend family has something to do with it.

Theron isn’t a usually visitor to a franchise. There’s Helen Mirren, personification a British silent of Jason Statham’s baddie; she’s enlisted by Dom to assistance with his mission. There’s also Scott Eastwood, who serves as a supervision representative yet ends adult as a “Fast” gang’s punching bag as he tries to keep them on-task.

As for Dwayne Johnson, who over a summer had a beef with Diesel in a final days of filming “Fate of a Furious,” he has a waggish stage in a commencement of a film coaching his daughter’s soccer team. A shade user turns adult during a diversion to try to lift Johnson behind into the‎ fray, yet he’s some-more focused on coaching a team. If they lose, he says, he’s going to have to take a group to a “TayTay concert” — a.k.a Taylor Swift. It got a biggest giggle of a film.

But Johnson didn’t hear a reaction; after being during CinemaCon Monday and Tuesday for a Sony and Paramount presentations, he was conspicuously absent from a “Furious” panel; Rodriguez wasn’t onstage either.

Most significant, this is the initial “Fast” film but Paul Walker, who died in a automobile collision shortly before prolongation on a seventh film was complete. As we competence expect, though, Walker’s bequest lives on within a authorization — and there’s a good anxiety to his character, Brian O’Conner, during a finish of a movie.

Diesel got romantic when articulate about his late friend’s change on a film, observant he was constantly “reminded of this angel that was so constituent to this judgment of brotherhood” while filming.

“The irony is when we suspicion about going into this eighth chapter, it was Paul Walker who betrothed eight,” pronounced a actor. “I usually play it over and over in my brain, him saying, ‘Eight is guaranteed.’ we always feel like he’s looking down on us, so never wish to let him down.”

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