WATCH LIVE: Animal Adventure Park officials contend Apr a giraffe’s calf has “calmed down”

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HARPURSVILLE, New York — April a giraffe’s handlers pronounced Sunday, Mar 19th April’s calf has “calmed down,” and Apr is “carrying all a bit towards a rear.”

Her handlers pronounced “this is accurately what we want!”

They pronounced April’s “wax caps” were still in place, and her ardour stays strong.

Park officials plan to do a Facebook Live video on Sunday night, between 8:00 and 9:30 p.m. to answer questions from a many people around a universe who have been gripping their eye on a soon-to-be mom giraffe.

Below are some things to know about April, pleasantness Animal Adventure Park:

April is 15. This will be her fourth calf. April has never mislaid a calf nor had a stillborn. Oliver, April’s partner is five. This will be his initial calf.

The giraffes have some of a biggest pens in a republic (square feet per animal). Animal Adventure Park takes honour in their indoor housing and a turn of improvement and caring to keep a giraffes happy and healthy.

The calf will import around 150 pounds and will be about 6 feet high during birth. The front hooves will come out initial followed by a snout.

Mom will naturally lift a calf. Weaning could take between 6-10 months, maybe longer. Animal Adventure Park officials will not rush this process. It is usually a documented operation of serf weaning.

Once a calf is born, there will be a competition to name it.

The keepers will go in with Apr spasmodic to purify her coop and give her treats (but not Oliver). He is a longhorn – and a longhorn is a longhorn is a bull, officials said.

Giraffes are profound for 15 months.

Upon naturally weaning, a calf will pierce on to another trickery to start a tact module there. Animal Adventure Park officials can't keep offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and criticise a genetics of a module and species.

Those “things” on their heads are called ossicones.

Bulls (male giraffes) usually unequivocally caring about dual things — fighting and “the unmentionable.” Oliver might share space with April, though for brief periods. Bulls take no partial in rearing young.

The giraffes eat grain and a specialized giraffe diet, though adore romaine lettuce and carrot treats.

April’s H2O source, enrichment, and solo grain tributary are out of steer of a camera view.

This will be Animal Adventure Park’s initial giraffe calf.

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