WFAN’s Craig Carton arrested in unison sheet Ponzi scheme

“Boomer and Carton” co-host Craig Carton was arrested by feds Wednesday morning on charges he ripped off millions of dollars from investors by peddling fraudulent unison tickets in sequence to cover his possess gambling debts, according to justice papers.

Carton, 48, and business partner Joseph Meli are indicted of using a Ponzi intrigue in that they used supports from new investors to repay progressing investors and other debts, according to a censure filed by a US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Together, Carton and Meli, a 43-year-old eventuality promoter, ripped off during slightest $3.6 million from dual investors, while on his own, Carton wasted another $2 million from one of a same dual investors.

The dual solicited investments in sheet reselling enterprises they claimed bought tickets to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Roger Waters, Metallica, Barbra Streisand and Adele shows and resold them during outrageous profits.

“Carton secretly claimed to investors that he — infrequently on his possess and infrequently by Meli — had entrance to millions of dollars’ value of unison tickets during face value,” a censure said.

The married father of 4 allegedly fake papers display supposed ticket-sale “agreements” between his and Meli’s entities and unison promoters — when nothing indeed existed.

Carton incited to a sheet rascal in a center of 2016 as a outcome of accruing “millions of dollars’ value of gambling-related debts to casinos and other third parties,” according to justice papers.

In a Sept. 7, 2016, email to Meli and another associate, Carton wrote that he was “around $3 M in a whole [sic]” and that he “risked and mislaid $700 of financier money” — referring to a $700,000 detriment — and that he “owed [$825,000] ASAP” to a person. He also indicated that he due “a sum of $500 on a 12th” to dual casinos, referring to a $500,000 debt, a censure detailed.

In further to a SEC charges, Carton is charged — along with another business associate, Michael Wright — with handle and bonds rascal by prosecutors in Manhattan sovereign court.

One of their investors was an misleading sidestep account partner, whom Carton initial met in Sep 2016 during a gift event.

Craig Carton and Boomer EsiasonNHLI around Getty Images

In Oct 2016, Carton texted Wright and Meli — identified as “co-conspirator 1” in a Manhattan sovereign justice censure — observant he struck gold.

“Guys. I’ve finished it,” Carton wrote. “One financier prepared committed $10m glass and $40m LOC [line of credit] with $50m if needed. we need some info. List of shows we can 100% infer entrance to tickets. How many when and how it’s returned and likely success.”

The radio horde allegedly used a sidestep account investments to compensate off his casino debts.

Carton and Wright will seem in Manhattan sovereign justice Wednesday afternoon. The span face adult to 45 years in prison, and some-more than $5 million in fines, if convicted.

Meanwhile, Meli was charged in Jan in a identical scheme in that he lured investors with a guarantee of bulk tickets to strike Broadway low-pitched “Hamilton” and other shows before creation off with their money.

Authorities pronounced Meli used a stolen supports to squeeze a $3 million home in East Hampton for cash.

Meli’s wife, Jessica Ingber Meli, and his mother, Anna Meli, were also charged.

Carton, who was arrested during his Tribeca home, is one half of a renouned “Boomer and Carton” sports radio uncover on WFAN along with former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason. The uncover has been on atmosphere given 2007.

Esiason was silent on Carton’s detain on Tuesday’s uncover yet took a integrate of digs during his co-host for texting that he was “under a weather.”

“If we hear me starting a show, that means dull nuts is underneath a continue and he’s not here. And fundamentally what will be a longest week,” Esiason said.

Carton generally kicks off a 6-to-10 a.m. morning show.

Esiason continued angry about his packaged scheduled this week, quipping, “My partner decides, ‘Oh, we don’t know, we don’t wish to uncover adult this morning since we don’t feel good’” — yet it’s misleading either he was indeed wakeful of Carton’s arrest.

Esiason and his replacement co-host afterwards joked that Carton had a “Yankee flu” following a Bombers’ 7-6 detriment to a Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night.

But after on during a show, Esiason took a impulse to residence Carton’s arrest.

“By a way, only a small bit of an announcement,” he told listeners. “I am now wakeful of because Craig was not here this morning. Unfortunately he was arrested this morning. We here during a station, they’re wakeful of it as well. They’re auxiliary with authorities. I’m taken aback and astounded by it only like I’m certain everybody else is.”

A CBS Radio orator told WPIX, “We are wakeful of a conditions and are auxiliary with authorities.”

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