What to design from Apple’s iPhone X eventuality — and what we still don’t know

Apple is hosting a most critical eventuality in years today. (Want to watch live? Here’s how.)

The association is approaching to betray several new gadgets, including a new flagship iPhone, presumably called a iPhone X. It will be a initial keynote eventuality Apple hosts in a new Steve Jobs Theater, partial of a new Apple Park headquarters.

And after rebounding from a unemployment in sales, this is Apple’s possibility to uncover it can still make a best stuff, while also pushing a income expansion streak.

Here’s what to demeanour for — and some questions we have:

Some new iPhones, including a fancy, high-end “iPhone X”

The many approaching partial of a keynote will be a exhibit of a new flagship iPhone, that — according to a rare, large software leak — will be called a iPhone X.

This is approaching going to be a beautiful device — roughly all screen, with super skinny borders. With no home button, it will dramatically change a approach we use an iPhone — gestures will reinstate drumming a home button, and a new “Face ID” complement will use your face to clear a phone. It’s approaching to be expensive, and in brief supply.

  • What colors will Apple offer? Will it be done of metal, ceramic, or something else?
  • Will Apple pronounce X as “x” or as “ten”? (This is, of course, a tenth anniversary of a iPhone.) Or is it probable X was a placeholder and a device is indeed called something else?
  • How will Apple address a “hairline” that presumably covers some of a screen? Will aged apps demeanour weird?
  • Will wireless charging be a feature? Will it launch immediately? Will it be a customary underline or an appendage accessory? Will it support a Apple Pencil stylus?
  • How will Apple prioritize iPhone X sales? Will constant business already enrolled in a iPhone Update Program get a best entrance to inventory?
  • Will this concede Apple to reduce a cost — and boost a intensity marketplace — of a new, less-high-end devices? Will they be called iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S? (Samsung, we’d note, is now on a “8” indication of a devices.)

Another demeanour during iOS 11, including AR apps and charcterised emoji

iOS 11 will substantially launch subsequent week as a giveaway download.

This summer, Apple denounced a new “AR Kit” for app makers and launched a competition to emanate a many interesting, useful and gimmicky augmented existence (AR) apps, that use a iPhone’s camera and shade to pull digital effects onto a “real world.”

With a super-thin shade border, and approaching good cameras and some-more sensors, a iPhone X seems a ideal device to demo some of a some-more considerable AR apps and games that have been done so far. Expect some of these, with a context that Apple has large skeleton for AR though that a record and ecosystem are usually removing started.

  • Will any of these initial apps uncover lasting, bland value? Or will they be a homogeneous of flashlight apps? (Or worse, fart apps?)
  • Will any of a vital iOS app makers — Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. — launch AR Kit facilities on day one?
  • Where will AR Kit uncover adult in Apple’s possess apps?

That iOS 11 program trickle also unprotected that charcterised emoji — or Animoji — are entrance to a iPhone, and will “use facial tracking and a user’s voice to emanate fluent charcterised messages.” This could be a hit.

  • Will these usually work in iMessage? Or everywhere?
  • Apple announced changes to how a photos and videos will be stored in iOS 11, and some cold new facilities for Live Photos. Will pivotal apps support a new formats? Will Android phones? Will it matter if they don’t work with websites or apps that are used to JPEGs or PNGs?

A new Apple Watch with a mobile connection

The leaked digest of a new Apple Watch suggests it looks — and works — roughly matching to a prior generations. So bands and chargers should still be compatible. Only this one will have a LTE mobile chip, so it can theoretically be used to make phone calls, accost an Uber, etc.

  • How will it work with your phone account? Supposedly it will use a practical SIM with your same phone number. But will operators assign additional for it? Will we need a opposite watch if we switch phone carriers? What arrange of battery life will it support?
  • Is this adequate to leave your phone during home while using or using errands? What annoying stipulations will it have, over a ubiquitous inability of many Apple Watch apps? Will Spotify build a streaming app?
  • Will it have any other engaging new sensors for aptness or health uses?
  • Will a watch face shade stay illuminated for longer — or always? Or is it still going to be off many of a time?
  • Will there be a imagination “Edition” indication again this year? Will it be white ceramic again, or something else? Any engaging new watch rope collaborations?

A new Apple TV that supports higher-resolution 4K video

Sounds fine.

  • Will a remote still be a same, unloved design? Or has Apple during slightest softened this?
  • What arrange of 4K calm library will Apple have during launch? Is Netflix ready? Where’s that Amazon app?
  • Anything else?

Another demeanour during HomePod, Apple’s stirring home speaker

Now this could be interesting. Maybe.

Apple denounced a HomePod — a nice-sounding internet-connected speaker, mostly for music, though also some Siri things — in June, and hasn’t pronounced most about it since. We assume a association will use a spotlight of an iPhone eventuality to yield some arrange of update.

  • Is it still on lane to go on sale in December? When will it ship? In what quantities?
  • What else will it do? Apple summarized a few features, namely personification music, responding questions about music, and smart-home control. But: Any other apps? Radio streaming? Audiobooks? Or will that all have to work around a iPhone for now?
  • Is that a organic shade on top, or usually a imagination volume control?

What else?

  • Is that it? Or something startling to turn out a year? That’s a lot, though it is Apple.

Join us for live coverage, starting during 10 am PT, 1pm ET.

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