What were a Vikings meditative with Sam Bradford?

The Minnesota Vikings have been treading H2O though quarterback Sam Bradford, who had an superb Week 1 opening and afterwards left with a knee injury. Case Keenum is an apparent downgrade, though he’d finished a unclothed smallest to keep a Vikings during a 2-2 record when they trafficked to face a Chicago Bears in Week 5.

In a rather startling move, Bradford was active and started a game, notwithstanding few indications that he was 100 percent healthy or even removing most use time. If a preference was eyebrow-raising during a time, it became officious catastrophic when a diversion kicked off.

Bradford wasn’t prepared to play, and that was apparent from a initial snap. He was stiffer than ever in a pocket, holding perpetually to make his reads and sailing easy passes. The Bears could tell that Bradford was personification on one good leg and teed off, attack him relentlessly and smothering a Vikings’ offense each time they took a field.

The low indicate came during a finish of a initial quarter. With a Vikings pinned during their possess finish zone, Bradford hung behind like a deer in headlights, creation no try to get absolved of a round or even clarity a pressure. He got forsaken for one of a easiest reserve sacks we will ever see.

At this point, even a infrequent fan could see that Bradford’s mental diversion simply wasn’t there. Quarterbacks have been benched for less.

As a second entertain dragged on, Bradford kept holding hits and limping around on his bad knee. He didn’t even make it to halftime, eventually drumming out as Keenum came in to finish off a final few seconds. Bradford’s final stat line was a fear show: 5-of-11 flitting for 36 yards.

Keenum played by a whole second half, and not coincidentally, a Vikings’ offense woke adult a little. He led a touchdown expostulate to start a third entertain and played a large purpose in a finish, relocating a Vikings into operation to set adult a game-winning margin goal. Keenum is not a good quarterback by any means, though it’s distinguished how most of a disproportion he done contra a hobbled Bradford.

At a finish of a day, a Vikings are 3-2 and could still make a playoff push, though starting Bradford was a hideously forward decision. Either a coaches attempted to rush him, or Bradford is a unapproachable particular who attempted to rush himself. Either way, if he’s not prepared to play, afterwards he’s not prepared to play, and it’s insane to run him on a margin in that state — generally with his extensive story of ACL injuries.

The Vikings are propitious that Bradford didn’t humour some-more critical damage, differently they’d be in a lot some-more prohibited H2O notwithstanding a win. It’s time to take his long-term health severely and close him down until they’re positively certain he’s ready. He had no business holding a margin on Monday night, and a Vikings should be ashamed for how they let this play out.

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