What’s on US astronaut’s wish list after 9 months in space?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — After 9 ½ months in orbit, what’s on Peggy Whitson’s wish list? Will a record-setting NASA wanderer skip anything about space life?

Whitson was scheduled to answer reporters’ doubt during her final news discussion from space this week, days before her scheduled lapse to Earth. But it was called off given of Harvey: Houston is home to Johnson Space Center and Mission Control for a International Space Station

Instead, NASA relayed questions from The Associated Press to Whitson by email.

The questions and answers have been edited and condensed.

Q: What are your thoughts as we get prepared to tighten out your mission? Has a moody brisk by or seemed to have dragged?

A: Actually, many of a moody has left by really quickly. In fact, we would contend that it didn’t feel any longer than my prior dual flights of 6 months in duration. we would contend a slowest time has been a final week or so. we consider it has to do with switching in your mind where we want/need to be. Once a switch is thrown to go home, time seems to pierce a lot slower.

Q: You will be nearing behind to a storm-crippled Houston. How has a disaster there influenced your mindset? How did we and your husband’s home fare?

A: Our home is fine, though so many friends and co-workers have been impacted. For example, in sequence to keep Mission Control running, a group (three shifts of a skeleton support crew) were sleeping on cots in a backup Mission Control rooms. Their sacrifices for a hire and gripping things using adult here are amazing.  Any trepidations we competence have about returning in a issue of a whirly are wholly eclipsed by a all those folks gripping a goal going and physically putting themselves out there to assistance folks who were reduction advantageous than us.  

Q: Besides family and friends, what have we missed many about Earth?

A: Flush toilets. Trust me, we don’t wish to know a details. Pizza has been on my mind for a month or two, given (U.S. astronaut) Jack (Fischer) told a belligerent we weren’t a pizza smoothness place when he was joking with them.

Q: What will we skip many about space?

A: Things we will miss: we know that we will hugely skip a leisure of floating and relocating with a lightest of touch, generally those initial few days after my lapse when sobriety will generally SUCK. we will skip saying a enchantingly pacific prong of a Earth from this vantage point. Until a finish of my days, my eyes will hunt a setting to see that curve.

I will skip saying and operative within this grand origination that we, as a people, have assembled here in space, travelling during 17,500 mph. I still can’t trust a implausible turn of fact that was compulsory to suppose this place, let alone to build it! we will also skip a ability to “go for a walk” in a spaceship built for one.

And mostly, we will skip that implausible clarity of satisfaction, thankfulness and honour that comes from operative with a NASA group from on orbit.

Q: You pennyless utterly a few annals on this mission. What are your thoughts about being a space superwoman?

A: we have remarkable in some-more than a few interviews that we am not overly gentle with a regard about a records. we overtly do consider that it is vicious that we are invariably violation records, given that represents us relocating brazen in exploration. we am operative on profitable brazen some of a recommendation and mentoring that we perceived on my journey, in hopes that one day those immature people will do a same, and demeanour behind on a life in that they leapt during a opportunities and pennyless their possess records.

Q: How most longer could we prognosticate yourself staying adult there, if we had to? An whole year? Longer?

A: Yes, we do consider we could have flown in space longer. The resistive practice device is most improved than a prior versions, and does a illusory pursuit of gripping us fit from a bone and flesh perspective.

Q: Is this your final spaceflight, in all likelihood? What’s subsequent for you?

A: we am not certain what a destiny binds for me personally, though we prognosticate myself stability to work on spaceflight programs. My enterprise to minister to a spaceflight group as we pierce brazen in a scrutiny of space has usually increasing over a years.

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