Where NFL players and Jerry Jones differ on pot policy

8:03 AM ET

Dallas Cowboys owners Jerry Jones and some other NFL owners wish to change a proceed a joining punishes players for marijuana. So do a players. But if a speak is about doing divided with pot contrast completely, it competence warn we to learn that a players’ position is “not so fast.”

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  • Yes, a players would like to change a league’s routine on marijuana, though they don’t wish to do divided with it entirely, since they consider a routine can be useful to them if finished a right way.

    Jones and his associate owners see this as a profitable intensity negotiate chip in a subsequent common negotiate agreement negotiations, that could be entrance progressing than we think.

    The plcae of a common belligerent these dual sides finish adult anticipating could have a vital impact on a health of a diversion and a players. And a routine of anticipating that common belligerent could start within a subsequent few weeks. But before we can envision what competence or competence not happen, it’s critical to inspect a motivations of a people on both sides of a issue.

    What a owners want

    The joining — tangible here as Jones and his 31 associate group owners — has done it transparent that it wants to extend a stream CBA, that runs by 2020. Sources on both sides design a joining to proceed a National Football League Players Association within a entrance weeks about opening common negotiate talks directed during such an extension.

    From Jones’ perspective, a pot emanate has dual pivotal prongs: He doesn’t wish to remove his players for prolonged stretches during a time since of drug suspensions, and he views pot as an emanate around that a players would be peaceful to negotiate. Surely, Jones’ associate owners share a former view and a latter hope.

    What a players want

    According to sources, this subject was discussed extensively during a NFLPA’s repute assembly in Arizona final month, and kinship leaders prepared a offer for a revised pot routine and submitted it to a actor reps for review. At this time, a actor reps and their teammates are reviewing a routine before submitting it to a joining for discussion.

    Sources with believe of what was discussed during a repute assembly contend a players’ new offer is focused on counseling, diagnosis and pain management. The players don’t indispensably wish to do divided with pot testing; they usually wish to revoke or discharge a punitive aspect of a contrast process.

    Under a union’s plan, a purpose of a pot contrast module would be to brand players in need of help. Their position is that it’s easy to tell a difference, formed on a series of nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) that uncover adult in a test, either a actor is regulating a drug for recreational use or regulating it excessively.

    Right now, a NFL customary for a certain pot exam is 35 ng/ml, that is aloft than a 15 it was before a drug routine was renegotiated 3 years ago though still reduce than Major League Baseball’s 50 and distant reduce than a Olympics’ 150. So a actor could exam certain during 35 ng/ml and still get a same turn of punishment as one who tests certain during 100 ng/ml.

    The union’s position is that those cases need to be rubbed differently in concrete ways. For example: Should someone exam certain above 100 ng/ml, that could be a red dwindle for an obsession conditions or a actor who’s traffic with some arrange of ongoing pain that he hasn’t formerly reported. In a box like that, contrast could lead a group and/or joining to yield some arrange of diagnosis for a obsession or a pain.

    The critical takeaway here is that NFL players don’t indispensably wish a joining to stop contrast them for marijuana. The union’s offer fundamentally says, “Let’s still exam for it, though let’s do it in a constructive and reduction punitive way.”

    So, what happens now?

    There are a lot of hurdles nonetheless to be cleared. The drug still isn’t authorised in each state, and it’s opposite a law to ride it opposite state lines. The NFL itself doesn’t have a tangible position on this, and when asked about it, commissioner Roger Goodell customarily says something about deferring to medical experts.

    As mentioned earlier, players are now reviewing a offer that kinship care drafted final month. The kinship will not contention a offer to a joining until it’s been vetted by a membership. Depending on a timing of that submission, a pot contention could be a possess apart thing or partial of a incomparable CBA negotiation.

    Regardless, it’s rarely doubtful a kinship will determine to a decrease of a pot routine in sell for some financial-based CBA benefaction like track credits. Union officials have done it transparent for months that they have no seductiveness in extenuation financial concessions in sell for nonfinancial ones in any arriving CBA talks. So if a usually reason owners wish to speak pot is since they consider it’s critical adequate to a players to give behind some money, they competence not find that doorway far-reaching open to them.

    What’s transparent is that this is an emanate that’s not withdrawal a spotlight anytime soon. But it’s not an emanate that breaks down along lines as elementary as we — or even Jerry Jones — competence expect.

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