Who will take over for Uber CEO Travis Kalanick if he takes a leave of absence? Here are some names.

Uber’s board is now assembly with lawyers from Covington and Burling to plead a formula of a months-long review into a car-hailing company’s culture. Among a topics on a calendar is possibly Uber CEO Travis Kalanick should take a three-month leave of absence.

If Kalanick does temporarily step divided from his role, there are really few people left during a association who could simply step in and run it in his stead — quite if Uber SVP of business Emil Michael is dismissed or gives into vigour from a house and resigns.

The association has no COO, CFO, CMO or SVP of engineering and all of those vacancies are but accounting for a probable terminations that several sources think will occur as a outcome of a Holder report. In addition, several sources during Uber pronounced rubbing among a rank-and-file staff has spiked.

In other words, it is a large pursuit for even an gifted exec and a cupboards are flattering unclothed during Uber.

But, among those who are left during a company, several people have suggested that Rachel Holt, a ubiquitous manager of U.S. and Canada, could take over in a interim. Holt has been during a association given 2011, operative her approach adult a ladder from ubiquitous manager of Washington D.C. These people did doubt possibly she was versed to run a whole company, however, due to her miss of knowledge in pivotal areas.

Instead, one source pronounced a house could confirm to implement a cabinet to conduct a association rather than a singular executive. Candidates for that cabinet embody members of a A group — or Kalanick’s devoted insiders — like Andrew Macdonald, a informal manager for a Asia Pacific and Latin America and a conduct of product Daniel Graf. Other intensity members are a company’s conduct of Europe, Middle East and Africa Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty and a company’s arch tellurian resources officer Liane Hornsey.

Then there are a probable house members who competence be means to temporarily take a reigns such as Arianna Huffington, Garrett Camp or Bill Gurley.

Camp, Kalanick’s co-founder, hasn’t been heavily concerned in a company’s operations, sources said. As for Gurley and Huffington, it’s misleading possibly they’d take on a purpose or if possibly is remotely competent to run such a large and formidable classification like Uber.

There’s also a probability that Ryan Graves — a company’s former CEO and after former boss — could take behind a position, given his prior knowledge using a company. That’s usually if a Holder news doesn’t outcome in his termination, since of his one-time reach of a uneasy tellurian apparatus org. Both he and a company’s CTO Thuan Pham have come underneath pressure in a investigation, we reported earlier.

However, Graves — who is also a house member — has been frequently divided from a office, several sources said, and has reduction of a palm in a company’s day-to-day operations.

Uber also recently hired remarkable educational Frances Frei to be a SVP of leadership, who seems really doubtful to be means to take over for Kalanick.

And it’s really unclear, still, how proxy this proxy leave of deficiency will be. It’s also a perplexing time for Kalanick who recently suffered personal tragedy when his mom died in a boating accident. His father, too, was harmed and in vicious condition.

Another twist: Kalanick — who has had effectively control of Uber’s house — competence try to conflict and stay on.

That will be a hardest choice. By many measures, Uber has already had a bad year underneath his uneasy leadership. Save for a business — that a association proudly suggested has narrowed a waste from $991 million to $708 million in a initial entertain of 2017 — a ride-hail association valued during $69 billion has publicly begun to reckon with a consequences of an overly assertive enlightenment or during slightest come adult opposite a stipulations of it.

In a words of Hornsey, it’s a “confidence to be bold” (read: take-no-prisoners attitude) that got a association to where it is today. But that is also precisely what is undoing it.

“Looking closely during a culture, it’s positively a credo that each strength in additional can turn a weakness,” Hornsey said. “Uber is disruptive — and intrusion final a certainty to be bold. What we have seen, though, is that this has translated internally to what we would call a cult of a individual. We now need to spend genuine bid ensuring a particular is never some-more critical than a group — not ever.”

That cult of a particular came from a really tip from Kalanick. The hyper-competitive executive and sequence businessman is notoriously warlike and has problem unclenching his hold on a reigns of a company.

He competence now have no choice.

Johana Bhuiyan is a comparison travel editor during Recode and can be reached at johana@recode.net or on Signal, Confide, WeChat or Telegram during 516-233-8877.

In sequence to navigate a increasingly ghastly waters that a company’s enlightenment has wrought, however, a Uber house was acid for a arch handling officer — a mature adult to whip a association into shape. That chairman is meant to be a “true partner” to Kalanick, house member Arianna Huffington pronounced during a press call in March, nonetheless most of a justification points to his continued hostility to let anyone else call a shots during a company.

However, a formidable COO hunt — done some-more formidable by a probability of a CEO stepping divided — has nonetheless to be completed.

In other words, a association has small by approach of options for temporarily replacing Kalanick.

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