Who Ya Got? B/R Staff’s Bold Predictions for 2017 NBA Finals

    Eric Gay/Associated Press

    It might not be a end by consensus, though a formula still pronounce for themselves.

  • Warriors’ Championship Predictions: 8
  • Cavaliers’ Championship Predictions: 2

To improved know how B/R’s roundball scribes see this array personification out, here’s a closer demeanour during their array predictions.

  • Warriors in 5:
  • Warriors in 6:
  • Cavaliers in 7:

That’s it. No other array formula were forecast.

Seeing LeBron James play out of his mind wouldn’t be surprising. Watching Playoff Kyrie outduel Stephen Curry shouldn’t startle a universe during this point. But as done transparent by a tallies above, Golden State stays a favorite—and by a relations prolonged shot.

Anything can happen. But if a experts are right, a Warriors will travel divided with bragging rights and their second Larry O’Brien Trophy in 3 seasons.


Unless differently noted, all quotes performed firsthand. Stats pleasantness of NBA.com and Basketball Reference.

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