Why Apple’s Sept. 12 iPhone eventuality is the many critical in years

Apple, as expected, has scheduled one of a heading product lecture keynote events for Sept. 12, according to a WSJ.

What’s on a agenda? Almost positively new iPhones, a new Apple TV box, a new Apple Watch and a longer introduction to HomePod, Apple’s stirring home orator system.

This is Apple’s many critical keynote in a few years, given it unveiled a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and initial previewed a Apple Watch in Sept. 2014.

After a large launch for those inclination in 2016, Apple went into a unemployment for many of final year that it’s only now recuperating from. Shrinking sales didn’t unequivocally harm Apple — it has adequate money to exist an ice age — though it finished it demeanour like post-Steve Jobs Apple hasn’t been innovative enough.

So this is Apple’s possibility to uncover it can still make a best stuff, while also pushing a sales expansion streak.

  • The iPhone needs to catch adult with high-end Android rivals on industrial design, mostly in a form of super-thin borders around a screen. And an image inadvertently leaked by Apple suggests it will. While direct could distant outstrip supply, if Jony Ive’s pattern group has finished a best, this should assistance Apple keep a many clinging users from feeling hostile of phones like Samsung’s new high-end devices, a Essential phone from Android creator Andy Rubin, etc. That could also relaunch Apple’s expansion in China, where Apple is a oppulance brand. (For context: The iPhone generates roughly dual thirds of Apple’s sales, and substantially some-more of a profits.)
  • New pro iPhone + Apple’s ARKit for protracted existence apps — that it unveiled during a WWDC discussion in June — could expostulate some jaw-dropping demos that Android only can’t do on mainstream scale. Apple execs keep revelation a universe that they’re impossibly bullish about protracted reality, though they still need to uncover what that record could indeed do for iPhone users.
  • The Apple Watch is sensitively a strike now that it’s anticipating a way as a fitness-tracking apparatus with notifications. A new chronicle will reportedly come with a built-in wireless modem — so we can (in theory) tide music, make phone calls and sequence an Uber though a phone nearby. It won’t reinstate your iPhone yet, though it’s a start.
  • Between Apple Watch and AirPods, Apple is starting to build a constrained “personal cloud” that has all kinds of intensity for health, party and capability uses. It’s a potentially manly combination.
  • HomePod speakers sound good though violence Alexa will need more than audio quality. What is a rest of Apple’s pitch? Will these things be anywhere nearby as useful as Amazon’s surprise-hit Echo lineup? Or is Apple distant adequate behind on Siri voice commands that it will have to only speak about song this year, and save a unequivocally cold things for later?
  • Apple TV has been fine though hasn’t unequivocally finished anything insubordinate for video expenditure or apps in a vital room. Apple is presumably updating a hardware with 4K support. That’s good for people who have 4K TVs, though it’s not suggestive for many people. And it’s approach too early for Apple to have anything to uncover for a new strange calm push — we won’t see anything there until subsequent year during a earliest. An Amazon app, teased during WWDC, is due, though that will only move Apple to relation with competing devices, that have worked with Amazon for years.

Apple did not immediately respond to Recode’s request for comment.

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