Why is FIFA expanding to a 48-team World Cup?

January 10, 2017
For soccer fans who can’t get adequate of a World Cup, FIFA could have some good news.

The classification will enhance a array of teams authorised for a World Cup from 32 to 48, a preference that upheld unanimously in a opinion Tuesday. The change, that will be a largest singular further to a slew of competitors in FIFA’s history, is slated to come into outcome in time for a 2026 World Cup. The further will change a month-long event’s structure, expected adding some-more matchups to a tournament.

FIFA has 211 teams underneath a umbrella, though a immeasurable infancy never come tighten to subordinate for a signature event. By adding an additional 16 slots, some-more mid-level organizations could contest alongside a repeated domicile names, including those from frequency represented regions, such as Oceania and Africa.

Currently, authorised teams are orderly into 4 groups of 8 that play parallel in an initial round. From there, a tip dual contenders pierce onto a final 16, when a crater shifts to a true knockout format.

An stretched chronicle of a contest would expected underline 16 groups of 3 teams each, with a tip dual from any organisation in a initial turn relocating on to a 32-team knockout phase. That would expected boost a array of games from 64 to 80, though a cup’s champion would still usually play 7 games via a tournament.

Many parties, including smaller nations for that a foe has historically remained out of reach, were overwhelmingly in preference of a move and applauded a change that will boost appearance and move some-more different teams into a fold. But some sojourn doubtful of a change, worrying that increasing play and an easier subordinate turn could bushel a peculiarity of a diversion in a prolonged run.

Others have decried a devise as a income squeeze by an classification only re-emerging from a array of financial missteps. Gianni Infantino, a new conduct of FIFA, proposed a change as he campaigned to reinstate Sepp Blatter, who left FIFA in 2015 following a liaison that led to a arrests of several high-ranking members.  

FIFA estimates that a enlargement could supplement $1 billion in television, sponsorship, and ticketing income during a initial proviso of a contest alone, though will also place a weight on horde nations, that will have to accommodate an additional 16 teams, and it could place a aria on some of a world’s tip players by creation their schedules some-more rigorous.  

“We destroy to see a merits to changing a stream format of 32 that has proven to be a ideal regulation from all perspectives,” a European Club Association, that represents some 200 European clubs, pronounced in a statement.

New FIFA Now, a organisation that has campaigned for remodel of a organization, also remained critical, observant that clever teams will now simply validate for a tournament, ridding a crater of a certain torment and creation a initial games some-more of a ritual for some teams.

“It will not assistance growth of a diversion or yield softened rival opportunities for lower-ranked nations,” it pronounced in a statement. “Instead, it will make a hoax of a gift routine for many confederations.”


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The dual arriving World Cups, in 2018 in Russia and 2022 in Qatar, will be played in a stream format.

This news contains element from Reuters.

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