Why Samsung is adhering with a Galaxy Note 8

Explaining a Note 7’s battery flaws (with cake)

Bridget Carey finds a honeyed approach to illustrate Samsung’s commentary on since a Galaxy Note 7 overheated, and what a association is doing to forestall destiny battery failures.

by Bridget Carey

At Samsung’s 837 “experience store” in New York’s smart Meatpacking District, a few visitors lined adult to try a company’s practical existence knowledge formed on a movement array “24.” Others took in a latte and a comfy chair, surrounded by a latest phones and smartwatches.

The “store” — it should be remarkable that we can’t indeed squeeze equipment there — is a self-important showcase of a latest and biggest tech from Samsung.


The Galaxy S7 Edge, and not a Galaxy Note 7, is featured during a Samsung 837 “experience store” in New York.

Two floors above, Samsung’s mobile chief, D.J. Koh, sat in a discussion room on Thursday, flanked by his lieutenants. None was in a mood to brag.

Koh spoke with CNET forward of Sunday’s vast how-it-all-happened press conference, going into fact about why a Galaxy Note 7 held fire. In articulate about a company’s skeleton to reconstruct a credit with consumers, Koh reliable that Samsung would pierce out a inheritor to a Galaxy Note 7.

“I will pierce behind a better, safer and really innovative Note 8,” Koh said.


The Samsung 837 store lets people check out a latest and biggest from a company.

Roger Cheng/CNET

The preference is a unsure pierce for Samsung, given a container a Note code now carries. It’s been a boundary of vast jokes. For a past several months, airline attendants were compulsory to contend that Note 7 phones could not be carried on flights, even if they were powered off. The Note 8, that following prior years’ fashion will expected entrance this fall, will offer as a measuring hang for how many swell Samsung creates in a entrance months.

“A lot is going to be formed on a subsequent good thing that comes out that’s problem-free,” pronounced Thomas Cooke, a highbrow during Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.

To Koh, a Note garnered a organisation of clinging users he couldn’t travel divided from.

“We found by a inquisitive process, we knew there are lots and lots of constant Note customers,” he said.

Indeed, Samsung says a many constant bottom of business opposite all of a products (and it creates a lot of stuff) are those who’ve bought Note models. Just demeanour during a thousands of Note 7 users still on Verizon — a conduit has to take extreme movement like routing calls to a patron use to get them to spin a inclination in.

Globally, 96 percent of Note 7 buyers have traded in their phones. In a US, a central total is 97 percent, though Tim Baxter, boss of Samsung’s US arm, says a volume of phones taken out of use is indeed closer to 99 percent since some-more than half of a remaining units are no longer connected to dungeon networks. “We are pulling to get to that 100 percent,” he said.


Beyond a constant customers, Samsung is expected reluctant to give adult one of a marquee pieces of a mobile portfolio. The association is mostly criticized as a fast-follower, mimicking a prohibited trends of competitors (read: Apple). But Samsung was a initial to strike a marketplace with a jumbo phone, and a Note code endured years of gibe before people started to comfortable adult to a thought of a phone that can double as a cheese plate.

When we consider vast phones, we consider Samsung first.

There’s also a personal reason for Koh, who pronounced that he and his group grown a strange S-Pen stylus that is a signature underline on a Note line.

More than 10,000 Note business have sealed adult to stay connected to Samsung for some-more updates, according to Baxter. He combined that there is still a vast bottom of Note 4 and Note 5 business who are looking for an upgrade.

“They done it clear, they wish a Note,” Baxter pronounced in a same interview.

Perhaps it’ll be one that’s finally estimable adequate to seem in Samsung 837.

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