Why this year’s Perseid meteor showering isn’t as brilliant

I perceived utterly a few questions this week by email on a accumulation of subjects, from the Perseid meteor shower to an exploration about because a beginning nightfall of a year doesn’t occur on a shortest day.

As travelers on Earth, we circuit a object during about 67,000 mph. At this indicate in a annual journey, a universe is blustering by a tide of waste that lies along a circuit of a comet Swift-Tuttle, that circles a object about each 133 years. This produces a Perseid meteor showers.

Because a stays from this comet are relocating in an conflicting instruction to Earth’s orbit, a tiny pieces and fragments impact into a Earth’s upper-atmosphere during a total quickness of 130,000 mph. At speeds like this, even a many diminutive pieces of waste can furnish pleasing meteor showers. Unfortunately, this year’s arrangement substantially won’t be as good as prior years — and here’s why.

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