Why Trump should be really fearful of James Comey’s memos

This post has been updated.

Four days ago, President Trump threatened dismissed former FBI executive James Comey. He dangled a awaiting that there were tapes of their conversations, suggesting he competence use them if Comey leaked information to a press.

It turns out Comey has his own annals of those conversations. And that should make Trump really worried.

The Washington Post has reliable a existence of attendant records from Feb in that Comey wrote that Trump had asked him to tighten a review into Trump’s former inhabitant confidence adviser, Michael Flynn, and instead concentration some-more on leaks to reporters. The White House is denying a account.

Here’s a gist:

“I wish we can let this go,’’ Trump said, according to a Comey notes, that were described by associates. Comey’s combined comment of a assembly is dual pages prolonged and rarely detailed, a associates said. The sum of Comey’s records of a assembly were initial reported by the New York Times.

Officials have formerly pronounced that Trump and his comparison staff have been dire a FBI to prioritize trickle investigations over a bureau’s ongoing examine into probable coordination between Russian officials and Trump associates. On Tuesday, people tighten to a matter pronounced Comey kept minute records of his mixed conversations with Trump.

That final judgment should strike fear into a White House. This one story is poignant adequate and will lead to some-more allegations of Trump interference justice. Those allegations are already really most in a news interjection to Trump banishment Comey — a male heading an review into his campaign’s purported ties to Russia — final week.

But a probable existence of a trove of Comey memos might be a genuine story here. Comey is famous to be a flattering prudent screw of notes, and CNN’s Jake Tapper only reported that Comey kept endless records of his conversations with Trump for a accurate reason that they done him nervous — presumably since of Trump creation requests such as a Flynn one that crossed a line for Comey.

And a reason Trump tweeted what he did about Comey 4 days ago is since a New York Times had only reported Trump sought a faithfulness oath from Comey during a cooking shortly after Trump’s inauguration. It’s formidable not to assume that Comey has records about this meeting, too.

Former tip Justice Department orator Matthew Miller pretty most called it on all of this about a week ago:

As a New York Times notes, these memos “are widely hold adult in justice as convincing justification of conversations.” The Times forked to that famous occurrence behind during a George W. Bush administration when Comey testified that there had been a competition to strech a bedside of an ill Attorney General John Ashcroft as a FBI and comparison White House officials fought over warrantless wiretapping. When a White House doubtful Comey’s version, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller’s attendant records were used as confirmation.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a tip Democrat on a House Intelligence Committee, is already calling for Comey’s records to be subpoenaed. If they do see a light of day, we could have a whole lot of stories like a one about a faithfulness oath and Trump seeking Comey to close down a Flynn investigation.

Update: And Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a Republican authority of a House Oversight Committee, is also articulate about subpoenas.

The reason we’ve schooled about a Flynn memo appears to be since Comey common it with others who are providing a sum to a press now. Perhaps other memos weren’t common with others, or not with people who would trickle their sum to a press. And if those other memos do come to light and uncover identical exchanges with Trump, that’s going to be really formidable for a White House to fight in a justice of open opinion.

That’s since a records will have been combined before Trump dismissed Comey, and before Comey had an ax to grind. At that point, a White House would fundamentally have to disagree that Comey combined a fictitious paper route but a transparent motivation.

There are a lot of ifs and assumptions in a above. We don’t know how endless Comey’s records are, how many of these situations there might have been with Trump or what will come to light. But a awaiting of those memos saying a light of day has to be frightening for a White House that is already holding on water.

And for a boss who released a flattering outlandish hazard final week, it’s a conspicuous spin of events.

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