Why won’t Lynch, Raiders play hardball with Seahawks?

The Seahawks formerly gave a Raiders accede to negotiate with “retired” using behind Marshawn Lynch. That routine has resulted in a indeterminate understanding between Lynch and his hometown team.

So now a usually snag between Lynch apropos a Raider arises from a routine of him un-becoming a Seahawk. It’s been widely reported that a trade will happen, though a trade seems like a wages during this indicate — generally if Lynch and a Raiders were to opt to play hardball.

Why shouldn’t they? If Lynch were to uncover adult in Seattle, with a $9 million income that would immediately strike a top and a full residence of tailbacks underneath contract, a Seahawks would certainly wish him good and recover him, unless they wish to launch their offseason module with an ungainly showdown with a actor whom they don’t wish on a team, and for whom they’d get zero if he doesn’t unretire.

The attribute between Seahawks G.M. John Schneider and Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie, former colleagues who common an bureau in Green Bay, expected is preventing things from removing nauseous between a dual teams. But Lynch can opt for nauseous whenever he wants, if he wants to force a emanate and, essentially, force his approach out of Seattle.

Besides, Mark Davis runs a uncover in Oakland; he’s got no faithfulness or duty to Schneider, and Davis can tell McKenzie in no capricious terms that they won’t be giving adult draft-pick remuneration or anything else for a man who can simply operative a one-way sheet out of Seattle, if he’s peaceful to take a diminutive risk that a Seahawks would confirm compensate to him $9 million to play for a Seahawks, even with Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise, and Eddie Lacy on a roster.

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