‘Will and Grace’ Revival Officially a Go during NBC

It’s official: Will Grace is returning to NBC.

Less than a month after former co-star Leslie Jordan leaked a news, a network done a grave proclamation Wednesday during a Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.

The Will Grace revival will include of 10 episodes and move stars Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes behind to a network, with a array set to crawl during a 2017-18 promote season. They are assimilated by strange array creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, and all had to ink new deals with Universal Television for a revival. (Hayes has a long-standing attribute with Universal TV, carrying grown several array for a studio, including NBC’s Grimm and Hollywood Game Night.) James Burrows, who destined each part of a uncover during a initial run, will lapse in a same capacity. Kohan and Mutchnick will again offer as showrunners.

NBC had been eyeing a Will Grace limited array reconstruction given September, when a network was roving a call of nostalgia after stars Messing, McCormack, Mullally and Hayes stepped behind into their former characters in an election-themed video that went viral. At a time, deals with a 4 stars still had to be worked out, as did new pacts with array creators Kohan and Mutchnick, a latter of whom had a thought to do a Sep election-themed TV revival.

Will Grace ran for 8 seasons and scored 16 Emmy wins out of 83 nominations. All 4 stars took home Emmy bullion for a uncover about a singular woman, her happy roommate and their individualist friends. In a heyday, a stars warranted $600,000 per part to do a array — on tip of points on a backend. The array stays a strike in syndication, yet it does not have a streaming home.

In an speak after a election-themed video was released, both Messing — who has a long-standing loyalty with NBC trainer Bob Greenblatt that dates behind to Smash and The Mysteries of Lauratold The Hollywood Reporter that she would “never contend never” about a revival.

“Now there are platforms where we can do 6 or 10 episodes. we don’t trust we would ever come behind to network [TV] again,” a singer said. “I consider that a logistics of all of a lives — there would only be approach too many things to produce out. But for something shorter-lived and maybe carrying a stipulations of being on network TV carried might give us a fun, uninformed event since we could be really, unequivocally naughty!”

McCormack pronounced there was no central speak of a reconstruction during a dual days it took to film a reunion video, yet he seemed open to it.

“As for a future, everybody — from Max and David on down — is so protecting of a uncover and how we finished it,” he said. “We’re really unapproachable of a array culmination and a story that told of a mangle that friendships infrequently take. So to play with that and change that story and change a possess stories in life, I’m certain we would all be open to articulate about it.”

The reunion was Mutchnick’s idea. The sets were stored during Emerson College in Boston, where they had been housed for a past 10 years yet indispensable to be moved. He ecstatic a sets to a show’s strange studio and had them reassembled. Burrows returned to helm a viral video that now has some-more than 6.6 million views.

“Dave and we are positively anxious about a event to write what Will, Grace, Jack and Karen are meditative about in 2017,” Mutchnick said.

For NBC, this outlines a network’s initial new array sequence for a 2017-18 promote season. The array comes as Fox has found ratings and hum with revivals of The X-Files, 24 and, after this season, Prison Break. (NBC’s Heroes reconstruction final season, however, was reduction fortunate.)

Reboots continue to sojourn in high direct as broadcast, wire and streaming outlets demeanour for proven IP in a bid to cut by a cluttered scripted landscape that is fast coming 500 strange series. Key to a remakes is carrying a strange producers concerned in some ability (which Will Grace clearly has) as some-more studios demeanour to monetize their existent film libraries.

Already in a works this deteriorate are reboots of Car Wash (ABC), Sneakers (NBC), Enemy of a State (ABC), Dynasty (The CW), War of a Worlds (MTV), Magnum P.I. (ABC), The Lost Boys (The CW), Varsity Blues (CMT), The Departed (Amazon), Let a Right One In (TNT) and L.A. Law, among others.

Watch a Will Grace proclamation that NBC suggested to critics Wednesday, below.

TCA | Television Critics Association
TCA | Television Critics Association

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