With Tony Romo gone, will Colin Kaepernick get a call?

The tale between Tony Romo and a Dallas Cowboys came to an finish Tuesday when it was reported that a shortly to be 37-year-old quarterback would be timid to pursue a career in broadcasting. Romo’s proclamation puts an finish to one of a NFL’s biggest offseason controversies, and now a concentration can lapse to a league’s other good conundrum.

Is Colin Kaepernick going to get a job?

With Romo’s departure, Kaepernick should be high on a list of each NFL group acid for a maestro quarterback looking to assistance their playoff hopes. With a breeze looming, teams like a Texans, Bears, Browns, Broncos and Jets are going to be underneath vigour to find a solid arm underneath center. Why not Kaepernick? Every group is perplexing to win right?

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Most detractors will contend one or both of a following: He’s a daze or he’s a bad quarterback.

Saying Kaepernick is a daze is formed mostly on opinion. You could contend his preference to kneel for a inhabitant anthem was unpropitious to a team.

If that is so, we would wish you’d note that Kaepernick’s teammates gave him a Len Eshmont Award during a finish of a season. That’s an endowment a 49ers show on a actor who exemplifies inspirational and bold play.

We’ve schooled by this routine that a “distraction” is relative. Greg Hardy, or Michael Floyd, or Adrian Peterson – players who have abused women, been convicted of impassioned DUI, and beg no competition to brazen attack of his son – were not distractions. It would seem that function is acceptable, only don’t seem unpatriotic.

Kaepernick chose to kneel during a many politically divisive time in new history. The nation was totally divided. His summary was dreaming and misleading during a commencement of his protest, and as with any human, he done mistakes by a march of his message.

I don’t determine with his preference to wear a military pig hosiery or a Castro T-shirt. But that doesn’t change his right to criticism a murdering of unarmed black group and women during a hands of military officers. He also took his height and put it to use by donating $1 million to free causes, including a Black Youth Project 100 and Mothers Against Police Brutality. He continued his overdo by operative with Turkish Airlines to broach a 60-ton craft full of food and water to fast stricken Somalia.

It’s expected that we will not be convinced to change your opinion possibly way. But a thought that Kaepernick is not means of personification quarterback in a NFL is flattering simply proven wrong.

Kaepernick has been to a Super Bowl and dual NFC Conference Championship games. That’s one Super Bowl and dual discussion championship games some-more than Tony Romo and many others, though we digress.

Despite carrying a muted execution percentage, Kaepernick managed to chuck 16 touchdowns opposite 4 interceptions in 2016. Here is a brief list of quarterbacks who did not chuck 16 touchdowns in 2016: Alex Smith, Brock Osweiller, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jay Cutler, Jared Goff, Case Keenum, and each starting quarterback of a Browns.

The evidence has never been possibly Kaepernick is one of a tip 5 quarterbacks in a NFL. He’s not in a tip 10 either. But when we cruise a alternatives teams are considering, Kaepernick’s repudiation starts to demeanour ridiculous.

Consider that Mike Glennon sealed with a Bears for $15 million per deteriorate on Mar 10.

Mike Glennon.

Glennon spent final deteriorate subsidy adult Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay. In his sole full deteriorate as a starter in 2013, he threw 19 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. The Bucs went 4-9 that year with Glennon underneath center. Which is, of course, because Jameis finished adult in Tampa to start with. There is no essential existence in that Glennon is value $15 million and Kaepernick is out of a job.

To be sure, Kaepernick has not been means to constraint a sorcery we saw from 2012-14. But his retrogression has been extravagantly overblown. Maybe a group will pointer Kaepernick, maybe they won’t. But it will be engaging to see what teams cruise a “distraction” relocating forward. Because a contribution tell you, it’s not all about a numbers.

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