Witnesses contend several people shot during church in Sutherland Springs, Texas

Multiple witnesses told CBS associate KENS that several people were shot during First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt told a Wilson County News that a male entered a church and non-stop fire. Tackitt pronounced there were mixed casualties and fatalities.

Dana Fletcher, a business owners in a area, told CBS News she saw a “ton” of sheriff’s vehicles and ambulances racing down a road. She pronounced she doesn’t know what happened though pronounced there was complicated military participation and people were being airlifted from a scene.  

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted his condolences to those influenced in a incident.

“Our prayers are with all who were spoiled by this immorality act. Our interjection to law coercion for their response. More sum from DPS soon,” Abbott tweeted Sunday.

This is a building story and will be updated.

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