Wonder Woman tears up, Timberlake is ‘arm candy’ during Hollywood breakfast

LOS ANGELES — Jennifer Lawrence fangirled over Wonder Woman, Justin Timberlake got roasted by Angelina Jolie and Sarah Silverman addressed a elephant in a room.

Such highlights abounded at the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, where A-listers and absolute producers accumulate annually to support any other and endowment scholarships to impecunious immature women.

As a token masculine on stage, Timberlake cut a fun during a podium. “I’d like to contend to all of a women – clever pleasing souls – I’m happy to be here to be your arm candy,” he said, to laughter. “Angelina warned me that we was fundamentally usually here to be objectified. we pronounced that’s positively fair.”

The fires distracted around a city were also tip of mind; it was announced honoree Amy Pascal could no longer attend due to area closures.

Silverman dryly addressed the ubiquitous subject of passionate nuisance in Hollywood when she non-stop adult a breakfast. “I usually wish to contend before we start that I’ve been asked about my position on passionate attack in Hollywood,” she pronounced from a podium. “And this is as good a time as any to demonstrate accurately how I feel on it. (Pause) I’m opposite it. OK – hello! “

Indeed, a tinge seems to have shifted from pity personal stories, as seen during events of late, to overarching messages of incomparable solutions while essay for equivalence and progress.

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When Jolie took a theatre she began on a lighter note, riffing that like many, her morning began with standard mom stuff, like overseeing “last notation homework…and debating a significance of brushing teeth.”

But she eventually implored those in a room to assist oppressed women around a universe tell their stories. “We have a turn of leisure that is unthinkable for millions of other women around a world,” Jolie said. “Women who live with dispute and terrorism and banishment and poverty. Whose voices are always silenced.”

Silverman said she’s sleepy of being a usually womanlike comic invited to attend in comedy shows. She knocked down “this poisonous drug that’s in a atmosphere that creates us feel like a success of one lady can usually come during a disaster of another. It’s not true.”

Later, while announcing scholarships from a stage, Timberlake was visibly changed by a teary fad of a collected immature women who had been mentored by Hollywood professionals. Each was given a $10,000 scholarship, and 4 women were awarded full rides to Loyola Marymount University. “Oh my God, I’ve got to have a daughter,” he said. “I’m busted after today.”

Then came Gadot, who strode in mid-breakfast surprising with a new Wonder Woman scholarship furnished by Warner Bros. She wiped tears from her eyes after immature tyro Carla Arellano was awarded supports to finish her schooling.

J-Law geeked out over Gadot, usually a little. “She truly is Wonder Woman,” pronounced a singer on stage. “She came adult to me during an awards uncover and we usually went (speechless). She was so gorgeous. we didn’t commend her. we was like who is – what is that?”

Lawrence, who perceived a Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, finished a breakfast saying she was dynamic to use her voice for good, and recited an Elie Wiesel quote.

“It’s not easy to pronounce out,” she said. “It’s not easy to face critique on a tellurian scale. But a fact is, I’ve been given a height and we feel that if we don’t use it, we don’t merit it.”

“Let’s be outspoken,” pronounced Lawrence. “Let’s be resilient. Let’s all be overpower breakers.”

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