You can now clear a Windows 10 PC regulating a Galaxy S8’s fingerprint reader

Samsung is updating a Flow apps to supplement support for a Windows Hello underline of Windows 10. Devices like a Galaxy S6, S7, and S8 will all be means to clear Windows 10 PCs regulating a fingerprint reader. Samsung initial introduced a ability to clear a Windows 10-powered Galaxy TabPro S with a Samsung Flow app for Android final year, and this enlargement means any Windows 10 PC is now supported.

Alongside a fingerprint support, Samsung is also enabling a ability to sync smartphone notifications to your PC. This was also formerly accessible to Samsung PCs, though a association is now expanding it to all Windows 10 devices. Samsung’s latest Flow apps are available now, and you’ll only need a PC using a latest Windows 10 Creators Update to capacitate a new features.

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