YouTube TV: Millennials will adore TV on their phones, trust us!

What’s it like to use YouTube TV? We go hands-on

YouTube’s new live TV streaming use has some-more than 40 channels and total cloud DVR for $35 a month. Let’s take a spin.

by David Katzmaier

With a new live TV service, YouTube is wagering immature people are as bending on their phones for a full TV dish as they are for video snacks.

YouTube TV launches Wednesday, charity a “skinny bundle” of about 50 live TV networks online for $35 a month, starting in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and a San Francisco. The use includes a 30-day giveaway trial, and a association will chuck in a giveaway Google Chromecast streaming device, value $35, after your initial remuneration (i.e. after a second month).

Just don’t bank on being means to tide it all by a Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV we already have.

It adds Google’s YouTube to a snowballing marketplace for digital live TV, going adult opposite Dish’s Sling TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue and ATT’s DirecTV Now, with Hulu approaching to follow fit this spring. That means a lot of options if you’re looking to dump your normal pay-TV subscription. The launch also puts a internet hulk in foe with normal pay-TV providers like Comcast and Charter.


YouTube TV is focusing on a mobile app foremost, even yet many streaming business ride to a biggest shade available.

Sarah Tew/CNET

YouTube TV undercuts a allied devise from Sling TV, as good as Playstation Vue’s cheapest plan. Both of those are labelled during $40. It’s also in line with DirecTV Now’s low-end devise (although DirecTV Now has 10 some-more channels).

To set itself apart, Google’s YouTube is focusing on dual strengths of a large giveaway video-clip site: Its recognition with younger viewers and a mastery of mobile streaming. Yet a importance on examination 60-minute shows or a two-hour basketball diversion on a phone contradicts how people tend to tide normal TV programming. Customers who are investing a lot of time in a uncover cite a biggest shade available.

Netflix, a biggest subscription video use by members, has formerly pronounced that about two-thirds of a streaming goes to TVs. Mobile is a small, yet flourishing amount. Hulu says some-more than 70 percent of a observation occurs on a living-room large screen, while mobile and inscription examination is about 17 percent.

YouTube TV approach aspirant Sling TV says a infancy of a observation hours occur on televisions.”We know that many people wish to watch their favorite shows on a biggest shade possible, yet also wish a choice to take their TV with them,” Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch said.

But from YouTube’s vantage point, millennials — generally tangible as people underneath a age of 35 — “love a programming on radio yet they don’t adore a knowledge on television,” Kelly Merryman, YouTube’s clamp boss of calm partnerships, pronounced in an interview. “How we can reimagine a radio knowledge for a new generation?

For YouTube, a answer was a live TV app designed for phones and other mobile devices, with personalization, hunt and recommendations.


At launch, Chromecast is flattering many a usually approach to get YouTube TV onto your vital room TV screen.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It also meant charity usually one approach to watch YouTube TV on an tangible TV — regulating a Google Chromecast to hurl your mobile observation onto a large screen. (That giveaway Chromecast creates a lot of clarity now, right?)

Even with shorter-form video presented like it’s live, bigger screens dominate, according to Pluto TV, a giveaway live-TV-like use that strings together digital videos into bespoke channels. Its users, that askance young, will watch for some-more than an hour per session.

“Because a viewers adore to gaunt behind for prolonged durations of time, some-more than half a observation occurs on large screens like connected TVs and laptops,” CEO Tom Ryan said.

YouTube TV is also accessible to watch on laptop and desktop computers, that for many immature people equates to a biggest shade in a house.

But during launch, YouTube TV doesn’t have support for other streaming inclination like Roku or Amazon Fire TV, even yet those products are some-more renouned than Chromecast. According to a many new information from researcher Parks Associates, Roku was a most-purchased line of streaming media players in a US, with a 30 percent share. Amazon’s inclination only kick out Chromecast, with a 22 percent of sales compared with Chromecast’s 21 percent. Apple TV followed during 20 percent.

When CNET asked because YouTube TV is emphasizing mobile even yet consumer function seems to go a other way, YouTube pronounced that some-more device support was coming.

“We do trust in a vital room,” Christian Oestlien, YouTube TV’s executive of product government said. “We’ll continue to supplement some-more device activations.”

In a meantime, YouTube TV will keep anticipating that younger viewers can fill adult their bellies examination on rectangles 6 inches prolonged or less.

UPDATED during 11:45 pm ET: Adds Pluto TV comment.

To learn how YouTube TV’s facilities and channels smoke-stack up, review CNET’s hands-on review.


The channels enclosed on YouTube TV.


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