Zoo chimpanzee dies of cancer, days after constipation surgery

A 49-year-old lowland gorilla during a Topeka Zoo in Kansas died Sunday after tests suggested she had late-stage ovarian cancer that had spread, 4 days after undergoing medicine for constipation.

The zoo pronounced in a matter that after Tiffany unsuccessful to urge given her medicine Wednesday to transparent “a poignant volume of stool” from her colon, a chimpanzee was taken Sunday for scans that suggested dual abdominal masses after identified as tumors related to stage-four ovarian cancer.

During a medicine after Sunday, a zoo said, “it became clear that a cancer had metastasized to a abdominal wall.” Surgeons and veterinarians paused that procedure, afterwards motionless a best chance was to not incite her after surgery. The chimpanzee died a brief time later, “surrounded by a group of people that cared for her,” a zoo said.

“Even if all a cancer influenced hankie could have been removed, we only could not see an suitable approach to discharge a fast of chemotherapy to provide a cancer,” pronounced Brendan Wiley, a zoo’s director.

Tiffany was innate in Jul 1968 during a Kansas City Zoo and has spent most of her time given afterwards during a Topeka Zoo, aside from 4 years she lived during a Buffalo Zoo in New York in a 1980s.

“She was a large partial of a persona of the zoo,” Wiley pronounced of Tiffany, eulogizing her as a partner of house books, pressed animals and her delight “watching kids, and kids desired to watch her.”

“It seemed like everybody knew who Tiffany was,” Wiley said.

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